Best Cooking Classes in Pune

Cooking something new can be slightly challenging if you don’t have the skills to understand the flavors that will work and the amount of ingredients that you need to use in the recipe. And if you try to do it on your own, it can often turn into a disaster. This is why it is important that you enroll yourself in a good cooking class so that you can produce a variety of items with great ease.

Sure, you don’t have to be a MasterChef to cook well but taking a proper course will make sure that you don’t end up burning down your house along your food when trying something new at home. Want to learn how to cook in Pune?

Well, lucky for you, Pune has many amazing expert cooks and chefs who have their own cooking classes where you can learn a number of recipes with great ease. So, here are a few of the top cooking classes for you to join if you are feeling like your culinary skills need an expert’s intervention.

Home Chef Anamika

Anamika is another talented chef who even represented India in the LG Home Chef Championship which was held in 2013 in Cape Town, Africa. A passionate chef who loves to experiment and teach students interested in culinary arts, Anamika started her own cooking studio Home Chef Anamika so as to empower women and help them earn money through their culinary skills.

She regularly conducts cooking classes and workshops in her studio where she will teach you a range of culinary techniques which will help you learn new dishes and replicate them at home perfectly. She offers both long term cooking courses to her students which can often run for 8 days and include only a limited number of participants so that she can focus on everyone properly.

The classes are usually hands-on session and are often 5-6 hours long which is required for you to get the basic understanding of the recipes being taught here. So, if you are interested in intensive cooking courses then Home Chef Anamika is the best place to consider for yourself.

Pallavi’s Kitchen

Another top cooking class in Pune where you can learn the finer art of cooking and baking is Pallavi’s Kitchen where you have workshops on ice cream making, international cuisines like Italian, Indian, etc. That’s not all though, she also offers special classes for students who are traveling abroad for their studies or job which are basically 4-day courses and include everything from the basics and will help build your confidence in cooking.

Started by Mrs. Pallavi Shah who is a home cook and has over 20 years of experience in cooking, Pallavi’s Kitchen is a way for this amazing chef to share her knowledge and skills with other aspiring cooks and chefs. She specializes in Italian and Indian food so a lot of the classes will include dishes from those two cuisines. Honestly, she is one of the best in Pune so if you are interested in learning how to cook then her cooking classes are one of the best to consider.

Cooking with Bhavana

This is yet another amazing place where you can learn to cook like a pro in Pune which offers classes on a number of cuisines and dishes like Parathas, Kulchas, Rajma Galoti, Biryani, and so on. Apart from that, they also offer baking lessons and chocolate making lessons which can further add to your cooking skills and will impress your peers and family members whenever they taste something prepared by you.

With over 10 years of experience in teaching, Bhavana has a great understanding of what works in cooking and baking and what doesn’t. Also, she makes sure that her recipes are nutritious and calculates the nutritional value of each ingredient before adding it to her recipe. In fact, a lot of her students often return to learn new recipes and cooking tips from her as well.

She offers more than 20 cooking courses in which she teaches more than 500 recipes from different cuisines like Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, etc. She mostly conducts small classes with 3-4 students in each class so that everyone gets proper attention and guidance. She conducts hands-on sessions by allowing the students to participate in the creation of each recipe so that students learn better from experience than taking notes. And the best part is that she teaches everyone: men, women, children, or anyone who is interested in learning.

Yummy Cooking Classes

Another great place for learning how to cook in Pune, Yummy Cooking Classes was started by Mrs. Ambika Gour who loves to cook and feed her own family and is trying to share her cooking expertise with other aspiring cooks and bakers. She teaches an assortment of food items like cakes, chocolates, sandwiches, Mexican, Indian, Italian, Chinese, and so on.

She holds classes usually at her own home and takes only a small number of students per batch so that you can pay attention to each student and help them learn how to cook properly. In her classes, she gives a detailed and systematic demo of the recipe and asks her students to ask questions to understand the process better.

The students can also take part in the actual cooking process to get a feel of it and the detailed recipe instructions will help you replicate the dish in case you forget the steps. They also offer classes on special request and students can take away the samples prepared in the class home for personal consumption. So, if you would like to learn a variety of dishes in Pune then Yummy Cooking Classes is thr perfect place for you.

So, excited to be learning something new this month? Trust me, once you join one of the above-mentioned cooking classes, you will become a master cook and will be able to prepare all the delicacies that you couldn’t before

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