Best Cooking Classes in Kolkata

Do you want to learn how to cook delicious dishes at home?

Cooking is easy, as long as you understand the basics and have an idea about what flavors mix well together. But if you have never cooked before and have no obvious talent for cooking then it might difficult to catch up. However, if you join a good cooking class and work hard then you can become a master cook in a short while.

So, are you looking for good cooking classes in Kolkata? If yes, then we have the list of the best cooking classes in Kolkata all ready for you. All you have to do is enroll in one of these classes and start practicing and you will be able to cook delicious dishes in just a few days.

JBL Academy of Culinary Arts

Founded by two young chefs in 2010, JBL Academy of Culinary Arts is one of the best cooking academies in Kolkata. At this cooking school, they offer both short courses and long courses which you can choose, depending on your schedule and availability. Each of their short courses is around 3-4 hours long in which you spend a major part in cooking a dish and then the last half an hour in tasting your effort.

They offer you weekend session, 1-month session and 2-month session and teach you to make everything. From cheesecakes to Mocktails to healthy snacks, they teach all kinds of dishes in here. And the most interesting thing about this academy is that they have weekend workshops based on occasions so you might learn amazing snacks in their Sunday Specials, Ideal Party Starters, and so on. If you are really focused on being a master chef then you can join their month-long courses to start from the cooking basics.


FoodKraft is another good cooking academy where they offer you short classes which last for 3 hours and long classes which are often 22-days long. And based on your budget, you can select the cuisine or the dish that you want to learn which includes Chinese, Italian, Indian, Vegetarian, Sizzlers, etc.

Here, you will find cooking classes for both beginners and professionals and can learn how to prepare snacks, desserts, starters, and so on. Started by Payal Bhatia who has been featured for her cooking in several magazaines and newspapers, FoodKraft has classes for both the kids and adults. In fact, she teaches 5-year old kids as well although cooking for them is more about assembly than actual cooking. They will learn how to toss a salad, make a sandwich, layer a cake/dessert, and so on. On the other hand, other children will learn how to make dishes like pasta, lasagna, etc.

A to Z Cooking

One of the best cooking classes for beginners, A to Z Cooking class teaches a variety of dishes to the participants and is more of a demonstrative cooking class. Started by culinary expert, Niti Sodhani, in 2014, A to Z Cooking is one of the top vegetarian cooking class in Kolkata. Here, you will learn how to make vegetarian dishes for several cuisines like Italian, Mongolian, Indian, etc.

Her speciality is Rajasthani food, Mocktails, Kulfi, Sundaes, and Shakes. So, if you want to learn those from the best then A to Z Cooking is the perfect cooking class for you.

Sharing Cooking Secrets

One of the most popular cooking classes in Kolkata, Sharing Cooking Secrets was started by Manju Sethia who is an expert vegetarian chef. She conducts classes for both kids and adults and has proper hands-on session so you know what you are doing when you try the same recipe at home again. This way, you also get a better grasp at the recipe and can rectify common kitchen mistakes quite easily.

Each class is 4-5 hours long and are conducted several times in a month. So, if you want to learn how to cook vegetarian dishes then Manju Sethia’s cooking classes are certainly a good choice.

Gurukul Activity Center

Gurukul Activity Center is another great cooking school in Kolkata which offers 3-month long sessions where they teach you around 15 Indian and Chinese dishes. A little unique in teaching, Gurukul Activity Center requires you to bring your own ingredients to the class and teaches both vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes.

One of the best things about this cooking school is that they have an extremely helpful and flexible staff. So, if you have some prior or unavoidable commitments on the date of a class, they will happily change the time and date to help you out.

Chocolate Studios

Chocolate Studios is another great place for learning how to cook but don’t be fooled by their name, they teach a lot more than baking and chocolate making. Their cooking events and workshops happen throughout the year and they cover a wide range of cuisines and cooking recipes. So, you can learn some tips and tricks to improve your cooking in just a few sessions.

They offer hands-on training sessions in several cuisines like Thai, Italian, Chinese, etc. And if you are interested in baking or desserts then they have a plethora of courses to offer in that section as well.

Mrs Alim’s Cooking Classes

Although Mrs Alim’s started teaching cooking when she was in USA, her cooking classes have become quite popular now in Kolkata as well. This is because she focuses on the finer details of each dish and turns International recipes into Indian with great ease.

She conducts 1-day workshops, 8-day cooking courses, and even private sessions in which she teaches you how to make Thai, Burmese, Mongolian, etc. dishes as well. And the best thing is that sincr she is an expert on herbs and spices, she can convert any International dish into Indian without screwing up its flavor and uses local ingredients and spices to do so.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and enroll in one of these courses now and become an expert chef quickly.

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