Best Cooking Classes in Bangalore

Do you want to learn how to cook and bake like a pro? Are you interested in learning cooking skills in order to become a pro cook or just as a fun hubby?

Whatever be the case, we understand that choosing a good cooking class for yourself can be hard and confusing. So, we decided to find all the cooking classes being offered in Bangalore and shortlisted a few of the best ones for you to join to master the art of cooking. Also, it certainly helped that Bangalore is a major food Hun and has so many cooking studios and home classes being conducted here that anyone would easily be able to find the right cooking classes for themsves.

So, get ready to roll with these 6 amazing cooking classes in Bangalore and become an expert cook in no time at all.

Chef Happy

One of the top cooking classes in Bangalore, Chef Happy ains to provide the statement with a fun and entertaining environment while they learn how to experiment with new flavors to make something original and utterly delicious dishes. Chef Happy employs creative culinary based tasks to bring the participants together in order to learn and grow.

One of the best things about this cooking studio is that apart from providing entertaining and informative cooking classes, they also conduct Cook Off challenges which are fun and great for innovation. So, if you would like to learn how to prepare new dishes while enjoying yourself, make sure you join the Chef Happy cooking classes.

Meena’s Delight

Meena’s Delight is yet another amazing cooking school which makes learning how to cook fun, enjoyable, and personal by sharing each other’s experiences. The teaching style used here is quite informative and personal and promotes hands-on experience at each step of the process which is a good way to learn.

One of the few cooking classes in Bangalore which actually believes the cooking sessions to be both beneficial to the students and the teachers. So, if you are looking for a different cooking experience then make sure that you join Meena’s Delight classes in Bangalore.

Anjali Cooking Classes

Another top cooking class in Bangalore, Anjali Cooking & Training School offers vocational training and teaches how to prepare vegetarian dishes to the students. Basically, this cooking school organizes classes for people who are less privileged than us using the money which they earn by teaching us the benefits of vegetariansim. So, they educate people about the pros of being a vegetarian and also empower women by providing them courses in cooking which can help them become a pro cook and earn their own living.

Nandita Iyer

One of the best cooking classes for fitness enthusiasts in Bangalore, Nandita Iyer is a Bangalore-based food blogger, health columnist and nutritionist, and is best know for her salad making workshops. With Nandita Iyer, you will be making healthy and traditional Christmas recipes including amazing, delicious salads.

So, you can join her classes to learn how you can prepare a healthy and bright salad while just using local and fresh vegetables produce. Also, to get a better idea of her teaching, you can start by looking at a few of her recipe videos on her YouTube channel and then contact her for confirmed lessons.

Archana’s Kitchen

Are you too lazy or busy to go out of your home to attend ooking classes? Well, not to worry then because there is a way for you to master the art of cooking without leaving your house comfort. You can take lessons from Archana’s Kitchen which is a food blog that Archana Doshi started in 2007. On her blog website, you will find a lot of recipes to learn and several easy and simple tips to implement when you are cooking at home.

She also has her own YouTube Channel where you will find more than 190 videos on breakfast recipes, cooking tips and hacks, soups, and so on.

Bridget Kumar Cooking Classes

Another popular cooking class in Bangalore, Bridget usually hosts small classes at her home or yours in order to teach her speciality which is Colonial Style Anglo Indian cuisine. She also conducts one-on-one classes if it is requested and pays proper attention to her students to ensure they learn and understand the recipes. In her classes, she teaches you both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes like curries, rice dishes, Christmas sweets, baked dishes, tea time snacks, and so on.

You can expect to learn some unique dishes like Railway Mutton Curry, Mint Corriander Mutton Chops, Dak Bungalow Chicken, and so on. Apart from giving you demos about how to make these recipes, she also covers the history and evolution of this cuisine. So, if you are looking to learn something unique and interestong, you can definitely join Bridget Kumar’s cooking classes.

Manju’s Cooking Classes

Last, but not the least, we have Manju’s Cooking Classes which is one of the best places to learn how to cook new dishes in Bangalore in a fun and traditional way. An interesting thing about her classes is that there are a few sessions for travelers as well who want to know how Indian cuisine is prepared and want to try it themselves. Apart from this, Manju’s Cooking Classes also provides culinary enthusiasts a chance to learn a variety of International cuisines which is a great way to learn new dishes.

At her each session, there will be a live demonstration of the recipe along with some cooking hacks and trips to understand the recipe and flavor mixture better. This is not a hands-on session but you get to learn a lot by just observing here. So, if you also wish to learn new food cuisines then make sure you join Manju’s Cooking Classes.

If you want to learn how to cook for fun or actually want to become a professional chef, then make sure you enrol in one of the above-mentioned cooking classes. Trust me, you will become a master cook after a just few weeks of the training.

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