Best Cooking Classes in Chandigarh

Do you want to learn how to cook like a pro in Chandigarh?

If yes, then you have to enroll in a good cooking class in order to learn the basics of cooking. The good part is that Chandigarh has many cooking class options available for you so you won’t have a problem in finding one. But the bad part is that you would need to select one cooking class from all the available classes in Chandigarh which can be slightly confusing.

So, in order to help you out, we have listed down some of the top cooking classes in Chandigarh along with a few details so that you can compare and select the best fit for yourself.

Ek Roop Creation Cooking and Bakery Classes

Established in1995, Ek Roop Creation Cooking and Baking Institute is one of the most famous cooking classes in Chandigarh and will turn you into an expert chef in a short duration. Mrs. Rekha Bhalla, a cookery and baking expert, is the head of the institute and is known to have amazing expertise in cooking and prepares the most delectable dishes ever. Her cooking classes have been a boon to all the aspiring cooks and chefs and has completely transformed the cooking niche in Chandigarh.

That’s not all though, apart from her expertise and brilliance, she also has a unique way of teaching students which helps her students to understand and learn cooking better. From businessman, cooks, and students to housewives, working women, etc., everyone enrolls in her classes to learn how to cook better. In fact, many of her students have become cooking experts themselves which just shows how amazing her teaching is. At her cookery institute, you have special cooking packages through which you can learn how to make dishes from different cuisines.

Mrs. Walia Cookery Classes

Are you interested in becoming an expert in making Italian dishes? Then, Mrs. Walia’s cookery classes are there perfect choice for you. Mrs. Waliabis an expert and experienced cook and teach unique skills so that you will be able to create Italian dishes with great ease. Started in the year 2000, Mrs.Walia Cookery Classes have become on of the top cooking institutes in Chandigarh now.

They also offer you dietary preferences so you can choose to learn just vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes. And they also have cooking classes which will introduce you to multiple cuisines and recipes like Biryani, Indian, Baking, and so on. So, if you wish to become an expert multi-cuisine cook soon then take Mrs. Walia Cookery Classes.

Rohini Walias Cookery

Another amazing cooking institute in Chandigarh, Rohini Walias Cookery eas started in 1995 and has become on of the favorite cooking classes as they offer many impressive courses to improve your cooking skills. Mrs Rohini Walia is an amazing expert in cooking skills and has quite an extensive experience in the cooking niche which is why she started this institute in order to teach others her skills and see more cooks and chefs prosper. Also, her way of teaching and sharing her cooking knowledge is quite unique and makes her students trust her and love her.

At Rohini Walias Cookery, you will find cooking classes for everyone including housewives, cooks, students, bureaucrats, and so on. Most importantly, the cooking classes conducted here follow the teaching standards of USA, England, New Zealand, and Australia and offers courses on cakes, ice creams, chocolate, etc. along with 2500 different recipes. So, if you truly wish to become an expert cook and baker then Mrs. Rohini Walia’s classes is the best choice for you.

Flavors and Spices Cooking Classes

If you wish to improve your cooking skills in a comfortable and easy environment then Flavors and Spices Cooking Classes is the best choice for you. Started in 2005 by Jagjeet Kaur, Flavors and Spices Cooking Classes will teach you how to bake delicious cakes and desserts in easy and simple-to-follow methods. Apart from that, they also offer you classes to learn how to cook some delicacies which you can later use to impress your friends and family at home.

All the cooking classes here are limited to 5-10 students so that everyone gets proper attention from the cooking expert. And it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, you will find something new to learn here in every class. So, if you are looking to improve your cooking skills then Flavors and Spices Cooking Classes is definitely a good choice to consider.

Cooking Simply

Another cooking expert who lives in Chandigarh and conducts regular cooking classes here is Mrs. Renu Gupta who started her cooking institute Cooking Simply. She offers homr-based classes throughout the week and gives special attention to her students which enables them to learn cooking easily and efficiently.

At Cooking Simply, you can learn a variety of dishes and cuisines like soups, cupcakes, salads, etc. With 3 years of in cookery, Mrs. Renu Gupta teaches recipes in a simple and easy to understand manner and limits her classes to a few students which makes her one of the top cooking classes to attend in Chandigarh.

Ritu’s Cooking Classes

Finally, there is Ritu’s Cooking Classes which was started by Ms. Ritu in 2005 as a way to share her cooking skills and inspire others to cook more. She is an expert chef and has immense experience in this field which is one of the reasons why her classes are so informative and useful. She is also quite friendly to her students and teaches everyone, men and women regardless of their hectic schedules.

She gives proper attention to all her students and believes in a practical approach which is why she is considered to have one of the best cooking classes in Chandigarh.

Cooking is a great hobby and if you are passionate about it then you can really excel in it. So, make sure that you join one of the above-mentioned cooking classes and make the best of your cooking talent.

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