How to Build a Website for Your Bakery

How to Build a Website for Your Bakery in Less Than 10 Minutes

Now that most consumers rely on finding and ordering the products online, it is critical for bakery owners also to consider building a website. It is an easier way for you to extend your reach to the massive audience in far places. This marketing strategy has been tested and proven to be effective as long as you know the keys on how to run your site efficiently.

It is not surprising that you will face a lot of competition when you enter this business venture. However, building a website will allow you to stay competitive and stand out no matter large and famous bakeries are present in the industry. It gives you confidence that you can gain success in your own strategic ways.

Thankfully, WordPress makes it easy to create a responsive website. You don’t even have to hire a website builder or gain technical skills to get started. This process will only take less than 10 minutes!

Step 1: Prepare your tools.

Before you sign up, you have to prepare your preferred domain name. A free version of WordPress comes with a free address which is

This format is good, but you might want to give your bakery a professional and reliable appeal to attract your customers. Therefore, you can sign up for paid plans which will provide you with a domain name like

Check out this bakery name idea guide to help you find the right name for your bakery.

Step 2: Set up a hosting account.

A hosting provider is a server in the cloud that will let you install the WordPress software and manage your site. There are also many things that you need to consider when selecting a provider such as ease of use, affordability, reliability, and customer support. So make sure that you do your research before choosing one.

Step 3: Enter your details.

Click sign up now on the homepage of your selected hosting provider. A pop-up box will appear asking you to enter your domain name and your preferred extension like com, net, biz, or anything that sounds good for you. Click “Next.”

Fill in your account information and select your desired package. You can see the price ranges and length of the contract. Then, once you click the plan, you now have to enter your billing details. When done, you have to confirm the Terms of Service and click the “Next” button. Wait until the system verifies your billing information.

Step 4: Choose a strong password.

There is a password generator option for you to create a strong password, but you also have the opportunity to compose your own. Wait until the system accepts the detail that you entered.

Step 5: Log in to your domain.

The domain is automatically inserted, but if not, you can type it into the field provided. Now, enter the password when asked. Then, click login. You will then be routed to the welcome screen where the Control Panel is also located.

Step 6: Install WordPress.

Find the Website Builders and click on the WordPress logo. A new page will automatically load, and there you will see a page of “scripts.” Click the WordPress logo, and you will then see the screen loading. Now, you are in the newly installed WordPress page.

Next, select the domain in which you prefer to install WordPress and click “Check Domain.” disregard the error message informing you that this step “will overwrite the files.” Just check the box that says, “I understand that continuing will overwrite the files.”

Click the “Check Domain” again. Leave the “Advanced Options” unchecked. Click the small box beside the prompt that says, “I have read the terms and conditions.” Then, click the “Install Now” button. Wait for the update informing you that the installation process is complete. When finished, you will see your website URL, username, and password.

Have a doubt? This video guide should help you out

Step 7: Load your newly setup page.

Now that everything has been set up, you should now be on the Dashboard. This space is the place where you can add new posts and multiple pages for your website.

You can now start to add your bakery logo, details about your business, products that you offer, and other information that will help your target audience know your brand.

Once you have the website setup you will also want to learn to market your business and these 7 marketing tips for new baking businesses should help you kick-start in the right direction.

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