How to Become the Complete Baker (The Ultimate Guidebook for Newbies)

Bakers are known for their creativity aside from baking delicious cakes and pastries. Their job is more than using the precise measurements and accurate heat level to achieve their recipes perfectly.

It’s greater than knowing the variety of tools that will help them during the process, allowing them to work efficiently. Have you ever treated baking as more than a hobby?

If it has been your passion, you may also think of it as a great career. Aside from your artistry, you also need to learn some things that you can bring with you as you reach your goal.

Attend a culinary school.

A technical or culinary school can give you an education in nutrition, mathematics, and health. Take note that these areas are essential in baking for you to achieve accurate measurement and learn the best health and safety practices.

In this way, you can also find and decide your niche or specialty. Although you don’t need to make a decision as soon as you attend the culinary school, it will give you an idea of the kind of baking that suits your interest. Keep in mind that baking also has different areas with specific subjects that you should focus on.

Work as an apprentice to acquire experience.

Since becoming a baker doesn’t need a degree, acquiring is necessary for you to earn experience and skills. The simplest way to get started is to participate in the apprenticeship program provided by some technical or community colleges and other institutions.

Through it, you will learn the best practices of food preparation, use of industrial machines for baking, proper measurement of the ingredients, and food safety. Joining in this learning will allow you to gain certifications or associate degree.

Learn how to operate a bakery.

Some aspiring bakers invest in building their own bakery for them to learn not just how to bake, but to run a business as well. However, if you don’t have enough budget to sustain its operation, you may also try to apply for entrepreneurship programs that are offered by online universities and colleges. The courses will teach you marketing strategies, tracking of finances, product costs and business management.

Few expert tips to help you along the road

Earn certifications and additional credentials.

Although some employers don’t require you to take a college degree, it is still helpful if you could get certifications that will help you level up on your chosen career. Depending on your years of work experience, each certificate has different identifications that will help the employers determine your level of expertise.

A four-year experience will get you qualified to take the exam for you to become a certified baker. On the other hand, an eight-year experience of full-time work and an additional development training can become your tool to apply to become a Certified Master Baker. That means that acquiring certifications will help you advance to a higher level of the position. Here is how much a certified baker can make.

Gain additional experience.

Many certified bakers started in lower position before they progress to a higher level. You also have to undergo the same way for you to learn the basic techniques and tools needed in baking. It will help you understand the right process of running a bakery so that you can implement the correct methods when you want to establish your own. Keep in mind that this profession needs continuous learning for you to stay adaptive to the changes that may happen in the industry.

As you strive through these processes, you should also make sure to equip yourself with the skills needed by a baker to become successful in this field. Some of the abilities that you should have are creativity, organizational skills, detail orientation, and many others that will help you along the way. You should also make sure that you are physically fit not only because you need to do the job efficiently, but also to ensure that you won’t affect the health of your consumers.

Becoming a complete baker is not a one-night process. You have to spend your time learning all the process if you want to make a name in this industry. Although many bakeries do not require you to get a degree, acquiring some certifications and higher credentials will help you move to an advanced level of your career. These documents will serve as your proof of expertise and knowledge about this specific area.

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