Best Baking Classes and Bakery Courses in Delhi

If that’s a question even you have been pondering about as well, we know just the place for you.

By providing you with the experience of working in a commercial kitchen through their hands-on training, use of commercial grade tools and equipment etc. Truffle Nation provides you with the ultimate platform to fulfill your dream of owning a bakery or home business.

We Highly Recommend Truffle Nation and For Good Reason

Hands on Training

No demonstrations and learning by seeing videos anymore, at Truffle Nation, it’s all completely hands-on. You mix it, you bake it and you get to take it home.

Learn Beyond Recipes

At Truffle Nation it’s not simply about following set recipes. You are also taught of the science behind baking the perfect cakes, cookies etc. which, in turn, will bring out the innovative you.

Get Work Experience

Catch the eye of the trainers with your skills and good marks and you’ll score your self an internship at Truffle Nation where you can learn about managing a commercial kitchen from the very best.

The dream of starting my home baking business is what took me to Truffle Nation. Since I completed my Diploma, I have not only fulfilled that dream but also baked a cake for his Holiness Dalai Lama 


Nilza's Sweet Bakery

One of the biggest dilemmas was where to begin and Truffle Nation provided me just the perfect platform for that. Their Training helped me achieve my dream of opening a cafe in Leh by the name MyCafe (do pay a visit if you’re in town).


My Leh Cafe

Not everything can be learned on YouTube or through recipe books and that is what pushed me to join the Baker’s Diploma Course. After completing my course, I have been interning here and it has helped me take my baking to a whole new level I never thought was possible.


Intern at Truffle Nation

The Complete Baker’s Diploma

For those who dare to dream of their own baker

From baking to making chocolate sculptures and even budgeting, in 3-months, you’ll know everything you need to know to run and manage a bakery the right way

4-Weeks Pastry Arts Course

Become an expert Pastry Chef in just 4-weeks

Whether you want to open your own patisserie or looking to work at the best ones in the country, in these 4-weeks you’ll learn all the fundamental and intermediate recipes to get you there

Baking Essentials for Professionals

Learn everything there is to baking the perfect cakes, cookies etc.

They say a strong foundation is everything to a good structure and that’s just what this course will do for anyone looking to make a foray into the world of baking as a professional.


These FAQ’s should provide you on the spot solutions to some of the question you might on your mind.

Do I need to know the basics to sign up?

Absolutely not. Whether you have never worked with an oven or mixer has no bearing. All you really need is a strong will and passion.

I am not able to decide which course to choose

Give the Truffle Nation team a call or visit them at a branch near you and let the experts handle that part for you.

Are there any short-term courses

There are plenty of courses for the hobbyists as well that will teach you basic bread or cupcakes and muffins etc. in 4-5 days. Check out their website to know more about these courses.

What does the fee include

From the ingredients and tools you will need during the prep, kitchen coat rental for the term of your class, course workbooks and finally, to even all finished baked goods that you get to take home.

Q: "Will I be able to take home the products prepared in the class?"

A: Everything you bake is your to take home. Share the food, spread the love 😉

Q: "Does Truffle Nation offer Internships?"

Complete your diploma course, ace the exams and you could score not just an internship but even a job in the long run.

Q: "How will the certification courses help me?"

In a country obsessed with degrees and diplomas, with proof that you possess both the knowledge and the skill-set to bake lip-smacking cakes, cookies etc. you’re sure to attract tons of customers.

Q: "Will I be eligible for a loan with the diploma?"

Off course, Truffle Nations diploma has been recognized by not just Indian but banks abroad as well

What All is Included in the Course Fees?

With each course, you will be provided with a recipe book. The fee also includes the ingredients needed during the class, kitchen coat rental for the term of your class, and workbooks

Best Bakery Courses in Delhi

A lot of people think that watching YouTube videos on baking is enough to become a professional baker. But this is not true. You need proper coaching and training if you want to make a career out of it. Sure, Youtube videos are good if you are looking to prepare a cake every once in a while for fun. However, if you are serious about baking then you have to attend a certified bakery course and learn baking from the experts.

Thankfully, you don’t need to head to abroad anymore and can attend a good baking school in Delhi itself to achieve your dream. And Truffle Nation is the best baking school which will help you master the art of baking in no time at all.

At Truffle Nation, they implement hands-on training with their experts which will teach you how to pre-heat your oven and then make exotic bread like Lavash in just a few weeks’ time. They have different courses for you to choose from, depending on whether you want to become a certified baker, patissier, or would like to open your own bakery.

Bakery Courses Offered at Truffle Nation

Depending on whether you want to become a certified baker, patissier, or chocolatier, there are three courses to choose from at Truffle Nation.

Baker’s Essentials for Beginners


A great way to build a strong foundation in baking, Baker’s Essentials for Beginners course starts with the basics of baking. And with the skill sets that you gain in this course, you will easily be able to make everyday cookies, cakes, pies, tarts, and so on.

This is a 4-week course which starts with a few theoretical lessons focusing on the science of baking. You also have hands-on sessions in which you make cookies, bake bread, muffins, cakes, and so on.

This course is perfect for people who want to start a part-time bakery or are looking for a position in a well-established bakery.

The Complete Baker’s Diploma Course


If your ultimate goal is to start your own bakery then The Complete Baker’s Diploma Course is the perfect choice for you. In this 8-week course, you cover the basics from the Baker’s Essentials for Beginners course which takes 4 weeks.

Once you are caught up on your basics, you are taught some exotic and complex recipes for making crème brule, macaroons, cheesecakes, and so on. You also have modules focusing on the Fondant Sugar Craft and Chocolate Artistry in this course.

And once you have completed your course and passed your examination, you are given the chance to work for 1 month in a professional kitchen. During this period, you learn everything you need to know to run your own bakery.

4-Week Pastry Art Course


Finally, there is the Pastry Art course which will make you a certified pastry chef in just 4 weeks’ time. In this course, you learn how to make an assortment of cold desserts and how to garnish them.

You learn how to make macaroons and other French desserts. And the course is wrapped up with teaching you the art of making gelato and how to make your desserts look appealing and appetizing.

Advantages of Taking a Bakery Course at Truffle Nation


Truffle Nation ensures that its students get the proper training and guidance which is required for them to become expert bakers. And here are a few things which set them apart from all the other baking schools in Delhi.

One of the best advantages of taking a bakery course at Truffle Nation is that you get proper hands-on sessions here. Yes, that’s correct. So, you learn while baking in their kitchen which is better for improving your skills and is infinitely better than watching video tutorials online.

However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t take theoretical sessions as well. In the theoretical classes, they teach you the basics of baking and help you understand the purpose of different ingredients and equipment used while baking. Once you have a better understanding, you will find it easier to experiment and create your own recipes as well.

Another advantage of taking a course here is that you will get proper guidance from the experts due to limited batch sizes. And you don’t have to worry about getting your own equipment or ingredients because Truffle Nation takes care of it all. All you need to do is be present in the class and have a passion for baking and you will be able to learn baking in no time at all.

One more advantage of taking a bakery course at Truffle Nation is that they offer you proper certifications after completion of the courses. You can then use these certifications to apply for a job at a bakery and can even avail loans from a bank to start your own bakery.

And for people who want to start their own bakery, Truffle Nation offers live kitchen experience which helps you prepare for your own bakery. It is a 1-month internship offered to the diploma students and comprises of lessons on starting a bakery and managing it successfully. In this internship, you will learn about the process of menu planning, pricing, customer relationship, and so on.

Truffle Nation is your one-stop destination for learning how to bake and start your own bakery. You will find a perfect course for whatever that you wish to learn and will be able to become a pro at baking in just a short time.



A lot of us want to open our own bakeries or work in a good bakery but due to insufficient funds or a lack of proper training, we are unable to materialize our dreams. But Truffle Nation ensures that you are able to get the proper hands-on training to become a professional baker without spending a fortune.

So, if you are looking to become a hobbyist baker or a serious baker then make sure you take the bakery courses at Truffle Nation.