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Although Pune can’t compete with the best food hubs of India like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, etc., it still comes quite close and can be a safe haven for all the food lovers out there. So, if you love to explore the local food in Pune and want some inspiration to hit the streets this week then we have the perfect list of Food Instagrammers that you need to follow.

Trust me, these Instagrammers feeds will leave your heart beating and your mouth drooling as you take in all the food photographs on their feed. Want some inspiration to explore new food or cook food this week?

Then, go and check out these amazing Food Instagrammers in Pune.

#1. Saurabh

Instagram Handle: thepunefoodie

One of the best Food Instagram Influencer in Pune, Saurabh’s ‘thepunefoodie’ displays an array of foods which can be found in Pune and which happen to be mind-bogglingly delicious. Trust me, the minute you open this Instagram page, you will be blown away by the amazing food displayed here and would want to taste these delicacies for yourself too.

You will find all kinds of food displayed here, from seekh kababs to Dahi papdi, you will find them all. Also, the photographs of each of these food items are nicely shot and edited and give a professional look to this Instagram page which is why it is no wonder that it has already gathered around 99.4k followers and 2,466 posts till now. So, if you want your one spot to get updates on the best food around all Pune then ‘thepunefoodie’ is the Instagram account to follow.

#2. Natasha Diddee

Instagram Handle: thegutlessfoodie

That Eggplant Overloaded Thali – Done If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I love all forms of eggplants. My mamma had brought a few from the farm & I had 250gms in my veggie crisper. I decided to make a couple of my favourites last week This is a latergram Clockwise : 1. Those South Indian Inspired Mixed Eggplants I dry toasted sesame seeds & dry red chilles & made a smooth paste of this along with salt, water & fresh coconut I tempered coconut oil with mustard seeds & curry leaves. I fried green & purple eggplants in this & once almost cooked thru, I added in the smooth paste & simmered. I switched off the gas & poured in a cap of raw coconut oil 2. Those Chutput Stripy Thorny Eggplants I quartered the eggplants upto the base of its stem, leaving them intact I tempered seasoned mustard oil with mustard seeds, green chillies, garlic & onions. I added in the eggplants & once almost done, I added in a mixture of turmeric powder, red chilli powder, cumin powder, coriander powder & chaat masala. Once completely done, I finished with a dash of white vinegar 3. Those whole wheat parathas 4. That Salad 😂 : Spring onions & lime I’m not just saying this because I love eggplants. These two dishes were truly yummy & I enjoyed them both with a generous squeeze of lime juice #foodphotographer #foodtalkindia #walkwithindia #curry #indiancurry #homecookedmeals #indianfoodbloggers #Indianrecipe #foodiesofindia #foodofindia #foodphotography #foodphotooftheday #recipeoftheday #foodfotographer #thaali #foodfotography #indianmeal #indianthali #cookedwithlove #paratha #meatlessmeals #meatfreemeals #vegetarianmeal #homechef #simplefood #cookingwithlove #eattheworld #eattherainbow #southindianfood #punjabifood

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Whoever knows the story of Natasha knows that she is the ultimate inspiration to all the foodies and cooking lovers out there. Natasha lost her entire stomach due to the tumor but didn’t let that stop her from becoming one of the best food bloggers in Pune. Although she doesn’t feel hungry like rest of us foodies, she still hasn’t lost her love for cooking and is often seen to be experimenting with new recipes at home.

She documents the finished products on her blog and her Instagram account. Her Instagram page is filled with such delicacies and you will find a detailed caption with each of the posts to help readers understand the components present in the meal. She cooks anything and everything and has such a beautiful feed that you would end up feeling hungry every time you look at it. With a follower count of 68.4k and 3,832 posts, Natasha has created quite a sensation on Instagram and has become an inspiration for all the foodies and food bloggers out there.

#3. Punebhukkad

Another great Food Instagram account in Pune to follow is punebhukkad which will bring to you the best restaurants and dishes found in Pune. With a total follower count of 32.4k and 978 posts, you are bound to find all kinds of foods and restaurants here which will be able to satisfy your food palate needs.

All the photographs on this Instagram feed will leave you drooling and craving for food and will make you completely spellbound with their appearance. You will find here a large variety of foods like pizzas, pav bhajis, golgappas, coffee, and so on. In each post, you will find a short description of the food or beverage along with the details of the place where you can order this amazing delicacy. So, what are you waiting for? Go and follow this Instagram account now and explore the best of Pune with the help of punebhukkad.

#4. Pune_Food_Blogger

People say EAT TO LIVE We say LIVE TO EAT!! 😁 Paan Ice Cream, at Barbeque Adda, Hinjewadi, Pune😍 Turn On Post Notifications to never miss out on any updates😁 Simply Tag📌 or DM us to get featured Details : Price :₹599 for lunch Buffet Follow us for amazing food pictures : @pune_food_blogger @pune_food_blogger @pune_food_blogger @pune_food_blogger Like us on Facebook also to be updated #punefoodblogger #pune_food_blogger #food #foodporn #instafood #foodie #picoftheday #punecity #puneri #brand #punefood #puneinstagrammers #breakfast #punekar #punebrand #indianfood #likeforfollow #lunch #followforfollow #foodblogger #follow4follow #india #maharashtra #dinner #pimprichinchwad #shoutout #foodinpune #indianfood #zomato #icecream

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Another Food Instagram account to look out for in Pune is Pune Food Blogger where you will find the best eateries and food in all over Pune. Their entire Instagram feed looks a dream come true with the assortment of foods that are shared on this page. You will find all kinds of dishes and reviews about them which will make your mouth water the moment you look at the photo and read the caption beneath it.

This Instagram page covers all kinds of food and restaurants and shows everything from desserts to Indian meals on their page, each of which is beautifully shot and then edited. With a following of 17.1k and around 587 posts, Pune Food Blogger has become an integral part of all the foodies who stay in Pune and want to stay updated about the latest food and restaurants that open up in Pune.

#5. Saiyam Arora

Instagram Handle: khaane_ka_deewana

Saiyam is another big-time foodie who loves to cook, eat and explore and then share his food love with other via photographs on Instagram. His Instagram page, khaane_ka_deewana, justifies the account name as you will stumble upon the numerous delicacies that are posted on his page in the best way possible. Trust me, the moment you open his feed you will feel like this is what heaven looks like and you will drool all over his feed.

With a follower count of 13.5k and 358 posts, he has become one of the most reputed Pune foodies and his feed is certainly a paradise for a food lover. You will find him posting about all types of foods like biryani, pav bhaji, chicken, pizza, and so on. Each photograph is properly framed and edited and the reviews for the dishes are nicely detailed and include all the crucial information. If you are looking for a foodie to inspire you then you have to follow khaane_ka_deewana and experience the magic of food for yourself.

#6. Madhav

Instagram Handle: punehungry

Man vs Burger at @theirishhouseindia Finish 1.5kg burger in 30mins and get it for free. I couldn’t finish it. But can you? Tag and challenge your friends who you think can finish this giant burger in 30mins. I #challenge @pratik_bhelande and @official_brh to try and win this at #StPatricksWeek they also have green beer to go with it. :————————————————: What – Man vs Burger. (Part of St. Patrick’s week) Where – Irish House, Nitesh hub, Kp. When – 10th – 18th March Price – ₹575 ++ Serves 1 person Verdict – 3.5/5 :————————————————: Follow @punehungry and turn on the post notifications for more food updates. #punehungry #food #foodporn #foodie #pune #punefoodie #punekar #punekars #sopune #indianblogger #lbbpune #trelltalepune #aplapune #fingerfood #messyhands #chicken #burger #burgers #roastedchicken #bestinpune #buns #toasted #potato #wedges #fries #greenbeer

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Next, we have Madhav who is an ardent food lover and thinks that food is the only religion which matters. His Instagram page, punehungry, is filled with photographs and videos of the foods and drinks that he tries in restaurants or at the roadside vendors. He is always on a lookout for delicious food and doesn’t care if he finds it in a street food joint or in a five-star hotel, the only thing that matters is the food quality.

Currently, he has around 12.3k followers and has posted around 350 posts. In each of his posts, he gives a detailed review of the restaurant and the dish and includes information like price, taste, quality, etc. to help out his foodie followers. He also updates his readers about the upcoming food walks, workshops, etc. which they can participate in and then shares his experiences of these events. If you want to stay updated on the food walks and events happening in Pune then you need to follow punehungry for it.

#7. PuneFoodHunt

Flavored Lassi with Rabdi Foam at Spice Klub, Shivaji Nagar. . After being a huge hit in Mumbai, Spice Klub has recently launched their Pune outlet in Shivaji Nagar. This Modern Indian Restaurant takes you on a gastronomic ride with molecular sciences that takes you in an awe! The Lassi is transformed into a sphere that bursts in your mouth as soon as you eat it! Available in a plate of mix flavors, you should definitely not miss it! Flavors in the picture above – Blackcurrant, Mango, Peach, Apple, Rose and Strawberry. . . #PuneFoodHunt #ThePuneFoodie #food52 #foodstagram #punefoodblogger #puneblogger #picoftheday #instafood #nomnom #travelbloggers #travellife #foodiesofinstagram #foodforthought #foodblogger #trelltalepune #punefood #moleculargastronomy #spiceklub #pune #newrestaurant #vegetarian #globalfoodie #foodieforlife #blogger #puneigers #moodygrams #eatout #lassi #indianfood

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Another inspiring Pune Food Instagram account to check out is Punefoodhunt where you will stumble upon the best desserts and foods found in Pune which you haven’t visited yet. You will also find Pune Food Hunt on Zomato where they review all the places that they have visited and the dishes they have tried for other food lovers to check before visiting.

You will find a plethora of food items on their feed, from Thick Shakes to Ravioli and each of their posts is nicely curated and edited to give a proper feel of the food/beverage being reviewed. The photographs on their feed are going to make your mouth water and will leave you wanting more with each post while the caption will give you a detailed description and cost of the dish. This is quite a popular Instagram page in Pune with a total following of 10.1k followers and 228 posts.

#8. Richa Parekh

Instagram Handle: thevegetarianfoodiee

Thevegetarianfoodiee is another inspiring Food account on Instagram where Richa Parekh shares all her food experiences while reviewing a new restaurant or attending a food event. Richa absolutely loves food and is always ready to explore new and interesting dishes in Pune and shares her thoughts on her food blog and Zomato for other readers to refer.

Her Instagram feed is filled with amazing delicacies like Tangdi Kebab, Pizza, Chole Bhature, Ice Cream, and so on. Each post on her feed is detailed and will give you an honest opinion on both the place and the dish so that you can try it out if you wish to. With 10k followers and 270 posts, she has become one of the best food bloggers in Pune whose opinions all the foodies in Pune value a lot.

#9. Sailee

Instagram Handle: iforexplore

Do you love food and travel both? If yes, then you have to follow iforexplore which is handled by Sailee who aims to find all the trending food places in Pune. With a follower count of 9,867 and 610 posts, iforexplore will dazzle you with all the delightful delicacies that can be found in Pune and will help you in exploring the best food places in the town.

On this Instagram page, you will find all kinds of food like Pastries, Dim Sums, Snacks, Indian Thalis, and so on along with a short review of the dish and the name of the place. Each of the photographs is so beautifully taken that you will fall in love with the dish and would want more of it every day. Trust me, if you want your Instagram home page to be filled with food delights then you have to follow iforexplore for the best food items all around Pune.

#10. Manasi Oswal

Instagram Handle: themillionthfoodie

Another inspiring foodie who has taken up on Instagram to share her food journey and reviews is Manasi Oswal who is the face behind the Pune Instagram page – themillionthfoodie. Manasi is a pure vegetarian who takes her food seriously and loves to eat all the while which is how she ends up exploring new eating joints in Pune every week.

On her Instagram feed, you will find her trying all kinds of vegetarian dishes in Pune which look quite tempting and mouthwatering. From Burgers to Tikkis, you will find all types of food on this Instagram feed which will inspire you to try new food places as well. Currently, she has a follower count of 8,271 and has posted around 655 posts which contains review about different food and restaurant places. So, if you want to stay updated about the various food joints in Pune then make sure you follow themillionthfoodie for your daily food updates.


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