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A lot of people have become food enthusiasts today who share reviews and photographs of the most amazing delicacies every, tempting their fans and followers to try these items for themselves. As we all know, Mumbai is a great place for food lovers so it is not surprising that there are many food bloggers here who share their cooking and eating experiences with other people.

In fact, apart from food blogging, there has been an increase in food-related accounts on Instagram as well. So, if you want amazing foods and cooking tips to come on your Instagram feed then you have to follow the below-listed Instagram accounts.

Trust me, once you start following them, your feed will become full of amazing and delicious food and information on where to find it.

#1 Up and Coming Influencer: Ashutosh Bhatt

Blog: RoutePrints
Instagram Handle: @routeprints

Ashutosh Bhatt, a travel and food blogger based in India is someone you shouldn’t miss. He started his journey in 2018 with his few friends and traveled more than 20 countries and 53 states.

Because of his love for travel and food, he started his own blog and Instagram page “Routeprints” which will showcase you some amazing travel destination and their food specialty. Routeprints is basically a happy place where he shares his experiences, food love, adventures, and reviews of different places which you can try when you are visiting those particular places.

Photography, reviews and the place selections are his specialties. He already worked with top brands as a promotion partner like indigo, Zomato, Neemrana hotels, etc.


#2. Parth and Sagar

Instagram Handle: munchymumbai

Another influential food account on Instagram in Mumbai is munchymumbai where you will find food pictures from places in Mumbai and all around India. This Instagram account is handled by two people, Parth and Sagar, who stay in Mumbai and explore different eating joints to review and post about. They have also been awarded as the Number 1 Instagrammers in the Huffington post of 15 Instagrammers of India Mail.

They have a total following of 159k and have posted around 1,870 posts till now and each of their posts will make you feel extremely tempted and hungry. The two foodies usually explore the streets of Mumbai during weekends and take really amazing photographs of everything that they eat. You will find here all kinds of foods, from nachos to desserts to Gol gappas, there is not a thing that these two brothers don’t cover. So, if you want to experience a taste of amchi Mumbai then you have to follow them on munchymumbai.

#3. Rohit Haryani

Instagram Handle: thehungrymumbaikar

Tag Kheema Pav lovers! 😍 . Recently had the Mutton Kheema Egg Fry (Rs. 80) at Kyani & Co at Marine Lines, one of the city’s oldest and iconic Parsi restaurants. Really like the kheema here. The consistency and flavours are spot on, with just the right amount of spices, making this one of my favourite kheemas in the city! ❤ . Overall, you’ll find simple food, no-nonsense staff attitude, cheap prices, and old-school Parsi interiors. Would also recommend their Mawa Cakes, Omelette, Bun Maska, and Irani Chai! . What’s your favourite kheema joint in Mumbai? Share your thoughts in comments! 😁 . Turn on post notifications and follow @thehungrymumbaikar to discover the best of street food, restaurants, and nightlife in Mumbai! 😊 . Copyright © 2018 The Hungry Mumbaikar. All Rights Reserved. Please DM to take permission before you repost any of my content. . #thehungrymumbaikar #kheemapav #parsifood #comfortfood

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Looking for some authentic food account on Instagram to suggest you’re the best restaurants and street food in Mumbai? Then you have to check out thehungrymumbaikar account on Instagram. Rohit Haryani is the curator of this Instagram page who explores all the eating joints in Mumbai and then posts reviews about them to help out other foodies like him.

He posts drool-worthy pictures of all the food that he reviews and adds a detailed description of each place which will help you in deciding whether you want to try it out or not. Each of his food photographs is mouthwatering and nicely composed which adds a certain feel to his Instagram feed. On his feed, you will find all kinds of foods, from Gol Gappas to Gujarati thali to Pizzas, you will find here all. He currently has a following of 89k and has posted around 1,582 posts which is one of the reasons why he is one of the most trusted food influencers in Mumbai. Want to know more about amazing dishes and restaurants to try in Mumbai? Then follow this Instagram account now!

#4. Esha Shroff Shah

Instagram Handle: foodholic.mumbai

Esha is a foodie and a vegetarian who loves to check out new places to indulge her food cravings and then posts about it on her Instagram account ‘foodholic.mumbai’ for others to try. She is another top food influencer in Mumbai who dazzles people with her food posts and shares her food experiences with others to help other food lovers find the best places to eat amazingly delicious items.

Her entire Instagram feed is filled with mouthwatering delicacies which can be found in Mumbai along with posts of delightful items that can be easily cooked at home. With a huge follower base at 97k and around 2,066 posts, Foodholic.mumbai has covered all kinds of foods and places and is the perfect Instagram page to follow to keep a track of all the amazing eating joints in Mumbai. All the food posts on this Instagram page are properly curated and each food photograph is properly framed, shot and edited to inspire other foodies in Mumbai. So, what are you waiting for? Go and follow this account now for your personal food updates!

#5. Swarali Kulkarni

Instagram Handle: mumbaifoodjunkie

Swati Kulkarni is another topnotch food influencer in Mumbai who not only displays amazing food in Mumbai on her Instagram feed but also posts reviews about them on her food blog. She is one of the most famous food bloggers in Mumbai who is passionate about food and photography and aims to show hidden food places in Mumbai and all around India. She showcases foods from every nook and cranny of Mumbai and presents them wonderfully to the audience that everyone who sees her post instantly falls in love with food.

Currently, she has a large following of 101k and has posted around 1,091 posts where she has covered all kinds of cuisines and places. She has covered Continental food, Indian dishes, Snacks, Drinks, Chaats, and so on. The wide range of food covered on her feed will make you wanna try them all. Each of the food photograph and video posted on her feed is properly styled and edited which gives it a better look and feel and makes all her followers drool with foodgasm. If you love looking at food all day long then you absolutely have to follow this Instagram account to get your food fix every day!

#6. Noletta

Instagram Handle: foreverhungry.mumbai

I can’t even describe how wonderful is the feed of foreverhungry.mumbai where you will find posts on all kinds of food items perfectly shot and curated. The curator of foreverhungry.mumbai is Noletta who is a resident in Mumbai and is an ardent lover of food and eating out. She is a hungry soul and loves to try new places and dishes in Mumbai and then shares them on her Instagram page.

She also gives detailed reviews for each place that she visits and dish that she eats on Zomato so that others get an idea about what to expect at a particular food place. Currently, she has a huge following of 67.7k and has posted around 817 posts where she describes her food journey in detail along with a nicely shot photograph. She covers from chaats like Samosas, Pav Bhajis, etc. to breakfast items like waffles, pancakes, etc. Her feed is an inspiration to all the foodies out there and is a must-visit for any food lover. Don’t forget to follow her and enjoy looking at her beautiful food photographs to drool over!

#7. Mohini

Instagram Handle: foodiliciousfoodie

Foodilicious is another amazing Instagram Food account which will satisfy your food cravings by showing you the best places to eat at. This Instagram account was created by Mohini who explores the different eating joints in Mumbai and then reviews the dishes that she tries there on both Zomato and Instagram. Foodiliciousfoodie currently has a large following of 40.5k and has around 462 food posts covering a plethora of food items.

The entire feed is nicely arranged and consists of posts with good-quality and properly framed photographs which makes you wish you could have the posted dish right away. Each of the posts on the feed consists of a high-quality image along with detailed review where Mohini rates each food that she tried and gives detailed information about each dish. If you are looking for a reliable food influencer to follow in Mumbai then foodiliciousfoodie is the ideal Instagram food account for you.

#8. Nidhi

Instagram Handle: food_first_always

A popular food blogger and Zomato reviewer, Nidhi Motla is a serious foodie and has an Instagram page named food_first_always with a following of 35.5k and 733 posts. Her Instagram feed is an absolute delight to watch and makes you feel ravenous and drooling the entire time. Her Instagram page is full of wonderful posts about food that she has tried and the photographs are so delightful that you would want to have that dish right away.

You will find all kinds of food covered on her page which include snacks like pav bhaji, vada pav, sandwiches, etc. and other baked dishes like pizza, quesadilla, bruschetta, and so on. All the food photographs on her account are nicely framed and shot and make for an absolute delight to look at. If you are looking for a good food influencer in Mumbai to follow and stay updated on the best foods and restaurants then you have to follow food_first_always.

#9. Pratishtha

Instagram Handle: best.of.bombay

Yet another inspiration food account on Instagram which is not just concerned with food posts but also posts about amazing events and finds in Mumbai is Best.of.Bombay. Here, you will find the most reliable information on best foods, restaurants, events, etc. to experience in Mumbai and you will love every minute of it. Best.of.Bombay will show you everything good about Mumbai and will uncover amazing eating places which were earlier not known to the amchi Mumbai people.

With a following of 67.2k and 644 posts on their feed till now, this Instagram food account has earned a reputation for being one of the top influencers in Mumbai. Pratishtha is the curator behind this Instagram account and is quite serious about her endeavor. She loves finding the best places and hangouts in Mumbai and loves exploring local food in Mumbai and then share them on Instagram. Although the food photographs are not as good as some other food influencers, they will still leave you feeling hungry and tempted. So, do follow this account if you want to stay updated on the best of everything in Mumbai.

#10. Paritosh and Chinmayee

Instagram Handle: thebombaygourmet

Another two-person team who loves trying new food and posting about it on Instagram is thebombaygourmet which has a total following of 38.2k and has around 659 posts so far. This Instagram food account is handled by Paritosh and Chinmayee who live in Mumbai and have their motto as ‘We live to eat’. They explore new and uncovered food locations in Mumbai and then post about them on their Facebook and Instagram page to share with others.

Although you will find a lot of desserts and sweets posts on their Instagram page, they do cover all kinds of food on their feed. All of the food photographs on their feed is nicely curated and edited and will leave you drooling all over their account. Trust me, if you want a dose of heavenly food on your Instagram feed then you just have to follow this food account right now.

#11. Ronak Rajani

Instagram Handle: mumbaifoodie

Ronak Rajani has created a beautiful world on Instagram with his food posts and reviews and we cannot stop going on about him. A passionate foodie and food blogger, Ronak Rajani, has his own Instagram page called mumbaifoodie where he shares the best posts on travel, food, and drinks found in Mumbai and other places of India. He is a hardcore Non-Vegetarian and loves exploring the streets for something new and exciting to eat every day and then posts about it on his food blog and Instagram account.

He currently has a following of 306k and has around 2,965 posts, most of them contains food reviews. His feed is a paradise for food lovers and is an absolute delight to visit. You will find that his feed consists of mostly high-quality images in which the food is properly styled and aligned before being shot. Each shot is precise and carefully curated so you can see that he takes his food photography seriously. I am sure that once you visit his account, you will not be able to stop drooling after looking at a truckload of delicious and delightful food posts. So, don’t wait and go and follow him now for some everyday food loving!


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