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Do you love to explore new foods and eating joints? Do you wish your Instagram feed to be filled with some pleasant and flavorsome food posts?

If your answer is yes, then you absolutely have to check out these top 20 food Instagram influencers in India who post the most delectable and amazing food posts which will leave you coming back for more every time.

Trust me, this is a list of Instagram accounts that you don’t want to miss out on if you love food and love to explore and experiment.

1. Ashutosh Bhatt

Blog: RoutePrints
Instagram Handle: @routeprints

Ashutosh Bhatt, a travel and food blogger based in India is someone you shouldn’t miss. He started his journey in 2018 with his few friends and traveled more than 20 countries and 53 states.

Because of his love for travel and food, he started his own blog and Instagram page “Routeprints” which will showcase you some amazing travel destination and their food specialty. Routeprints is basically a happy place where he shares his experiences, food love, adventures, and reviews of different places which you can try when you are visiting those particular places.

Photography, reviews and the place selections are his specialties. He already worked with top brands as a promotion partner like indigo, Zomato, Neemrana hotels, etc.

#2. Ronak Rajani

Instagram Handle: mumbaifoodie

With a follower count of 306k and close to 2,695 posts, Ronak Rajani is one of the top Food Instagram Influencer in India and will leave your mouth hanging with all of his food posts. His Instagram page mumbaifoodie covers all the drinks, food, and travel related information in Mumbai. He is an ardent food lover and loves exploring uncovered food places in Mumbai so you will find the best Mumbai food and reviews on his Instagram page.

Trust me, once you stumble upon his feed, you wouldn’t want to stop looking and will be left speechless with his food posts which are shot with care and great expertise. If there is one Food Instagrammer who is bound to give you a reliable and honest review then it is definitely Ronak Rajani.

#3. Karan Dua

Instagram Handle: dilsefoodie

The next top India Food Influencer on Instagram is Karan Dua who is a great foodie and loves to attend food walks and events to try new cuisines and places. He not only hosts and attends events but also reviews various restaurants and eating joints to share with his fellow food lovers.

Karan’s Instagram page dilsefoodie has a follower base of approximately 197k and around more than 2600 posts where he shares photographs of the food that he hogged and the eating joints that he visited over the week. All the food posts on his feed look absolutely delectable and will make your mouth water and watching Karan eat it will make you want to head out to that eating joint too. So, if you are looking for some inspiration for food places to visit then you have to follow Karan’s Instagram page.

#4. Parth and Sagar

Instagram Handle: munchymumbai

Then there is munchymumbai which covers food from Mumbai and all around India and is curated by two people, Parth and Sagar. This duo has also been called Number 1 Instagrammers in a Huffington post on 15 Instagrammers of India Mail which has added to their Food account reputation now.

They have a following of 159k and have posted around 1,870 posts of food ranging from desserts to street food. All the food posts on their Instagram feed is carefully created and the pictures of the food are beautiful and neatly taken which will leave you feeling hungry and drooling every time you come across their feed. Overall, this is certainly one of the best Food accounts to follow on Instagram for updates on best food places around India.

#5. Shubhneet Jain

Instagram Handle: v_for_veggie

Shubhneet Jain, age 21, currently resides in Delhi and is one of the most popular Food Influencers on Instagram with his amazing feed which is full of delicious food posts. He is a vegetarian so his entire Instagram feed consists of veggie delights which you would have never even given a second glance before if you are hardcore non-vegetarian. With a following of around 132k and 2,057 posts, he has turned everyone envious with his veggie treats.

Subhneet makes vegetarian food look good and delectable too and has posted several food dishes like Chole Bhature, Pizza, Burgers, etc. to tempt you to turn to the vegetarian side. He gives honest reviews about all the places that he visits and also has a blog where he shares his food experiences with his readers. Trust me, if you are a foodie and a vegetarian then this is definitely an Instagram account that you need to follow.

#6. Sukrit Jain and Kashish Jain

Instagram Handle: thegreatindianfoodie

Next is our food superstars Sukrit Jain and Kashish Jain, two brothers from Delhi who going on food adventures every weekend and then share their journey with their followers through drool-worthy photographs. This brother duo has built a well-reputed profile on Instagram and have already gathered a following of approximately 109k and have posted well over 2,030 posts now.

You will find all kinds of food on their feed from cakes and pastries to Delhi street food and each post will be as scintillating as the last one. Trust me, you will fall in love with their food exploration and will return back to their Instagram account for more every day.

#7. Natasha

Instagram Handle: organicandhappy

Sweet & Savory // Which toast, 🍊 or 🥑? ✨ One of my favorite easy breakfasts are avocado toast (who doesn’t like avocado toast??) – and a sweet option made an appearance this time around! 🌿🌿🌿 Sweet Clementine Toast // 🍊Bread (I used @daveskillerbread) 🍊Nut butter (I used @jemorganics cinnamon maca) 🍊Clementines 🍊Top with agave and hemp seeds 🌿🌿🌿 Savory Avocado Toast // 🥑Bread (I used @daveskillerbread) 🥑Half an avocado 🥑Pinch of salt 🥑Pepper 🥑Sprouts 🥑Lemon juice 🌿🌿🌿 Weekend highlights included: x Visiting the @aquariumpacific for its free shark night on Friday x Unpacking several more boxes (we just moved!) x Birthday dinner with my fiancé’s family x Took my fiancé for a full birthday day, visiting his favorite, @plantpowerfastfood, as well as the @sandiegoairandspace museum, and later enjoying the seals in La Jolla! ✨ Did you do anything special? Share below!

A post shared by Natasha Kadimi ✨🌤🍓🥑🍌 (@organicandhappy) on

Natasha Kadimi is an inspirational food blogger who shares vegan recipes with her readers for a healthy and delicious meal. She used to suffer from an eating disorder for 7 years prior to this but was able to overcome it with the help of whole foods which is why she often promotes whole food recipes now.

Her Instagram feed is filled with all the delicious food posts which are vegan and prepared with organic ingredients so as to keep you healthy while savoring your meal. With her 97.2k follower count and 560 posts, she has become an inspiration for so many food enthusiasts. You can follow her account to stay updated about new vegan recipes, food events, and restaurants which will provide you with a delicious yet healthy food.

#8. Shivesh Bhatia

Instagram Handle: shivesh17

Another popular food influencer on Instagram who has his own food blog where he shares his baking recipes and beginner tips is Shivesh Bhatia. He is a 22-year old baker who resides in Delhi and amazes people all over India with his amazing baking prowess. He started his food journey from Instagram and currently stands with 96.9k followers and more than 1,300 food posts as one of the most influencing food enthusiasts all over India.

His Instagram post is filled with his baked goods like cakes, pastries, muffins, etc. which will leave you starving every time you look at them. If you want to stay updated on baking recipes and tips then this is one account that you absolutely need to follow.

#9. Rohit Haryani

Instagram Handle: thehungrymumbaikar

FREE UNLIMITED PIZZA ALERT! 🔥 . Here’s one of my favourite pizzas in the city – the Stagioni Pizza at Pi Bar & Kitchen! 14” goodness loaded with lots of pepperoni, ham and cheese! ❤ . Remember π = 3.14 from school? Did you know that tomorrow, March 14 (3-14) is observed as World Pi Day? Pi Bar & Kitchen are having a pizza party on Pi Day from 3:14 pm onwards and are giving out FREE UNLIMITED PIZZAS by the slice! 😲 . Now, that’s an offer you can’t refuse! Know anyone who would love to binge on unlimited pizzas for free? Tag them in comments and let them know! 😁 . Turn on post notifications and follow @thehungrymumbaikar to discover the best of street food, restaurants, and nightlife in Mumbai! 😊 . Copyright © 2018 The Hungry Mumbaikar. All Rights Reserved. Please DM to take permission before you repost any of my content. . #thehungrymumbaikar #piday2018 #pizzaparty #pizzatime

A post shared by The Hungry Mumbaikar ® (@thehungrymumbaikar) on

Another top Food Instagram Influencer in India who shares the best street food places and restaurants in Mumbai with his followers is Rohit Haryani. He is the creator of thehungrymumbaikar and is the curator of all those delicious and lip-smacking food posts that you can see on his feed.

He explores Mumbai for hidden food gems and then reviews them on his Instagram account for everyone to see. Currently, he has a following of 89k and around 1,582 posts on his Instagram account which contains a wide range of foods like Pizzas to Gol gappas. Trust me, if you are looking to explore Mumbai’s food life then Rohit is your guy and you need to follow his Instagram account to stay updated on his food exploration journey.

#10. Nikita

Instagram Handle: iamdatingfood

Nikita loves food and it is clearly visible on her Instagram account and Facebook page where she shares gorgeous food pictures along with detailed reviews for people to see. She is also a Zomato Connoisseur and shares food and restaurant reviews on Zomato for fellow Zomato users to check.

Currently, she has a following of approximately 77.6k and has posted around 1,492 posts on her feed. All of the food posts on her feed are beautifully shot and edited and will leave you wanting for more Delhi food every time you visit. If you want to explore Delhi food from the eyes of a food expert then this is an Instagram account that you must follow.

#11. Archana

Instagram Handle: archanaskitchen

Archana is undoubtedly one of the most popular food bloggers and Food Instagram influencers in India who cooks delicious food and then shares her simple recipe on her blog and Instagram for other cooks to follow. She has hundreds of recipes on her food blog and has a follower count of 72.5k with around 2,528 posts.

Her Instagram feed is full of her awesome creations and will make you swoon every time you look at it. All the food posts on her Instagram account is properly photographed and detailed and will inspire you to start cooking yourself too. So, if you are looking for an influential food account on Instagram to learn cooking then this is the one for you.

#12. Uma Raghuraman

Instagram Handle: masterchefmom

Uma Raghuraman was a participant of Master Chef which is why her Instagram account is named as masterchefmom where she posts photographs of the food prepared by her. She is a big-time foodie who loves to cook and has also received 2017 Saveur Blog Award for Best Food Instagram.

Her food styling is next level and each of her Instagram food posts is properly curated to make all the foodies fall in love with her creations. Currently, she has a following of 59.6k and has posted approximately 1,259 posts in which she shares her everyday food creations and recipes updates. She is truly one of the topmost Food Instagram influencers in India and should definitely be followed by people who love to cook every day Indian dishes at home.

#13. Kankana Saxena

Instagram Handle: playfulcooking

Another topnotch Food Influencer on Instagram who will keep you hooked on her Instagram page is Kankana Saxena, the creator of the Playful Cooking food blog. Kankana is an experienced food photographer and recipe developer which is why her Instagram page, playfulcooking, is filled with beautifully shot food items.

She is not only good at cooking new recipes but is also great at capturing them and shares her creations on her Instagram account for everyone to see. She has a follower count of 52.9k and has posted approximately 1,682 posts containing pictures and videos of her recipes. Her each food post tells a story and will inspire you to take up cooking and food photography.

#14. Sharmilee Prakash

Instagram Handle: sharmispassions

Neer mor recipe video

A post shared by Sharmilee Prakash (@sharmispassions) on

Another amazing food influencer to look out for on Instagram is Sharmilee Prakash who loves to cook and take photographs of her food and then share it on her food blog for her readers. On her Instagram feed, you will not only find different items cooked by her but also photographs of ingredients and food products that she often uses in her recipe.

With a follower count of 50.7k and posted content of approximately 1,464 posts, Sharmilee has become a huge food influencer in India. You will find a lot of posts on desserts, ice creams, bread, etc. on her Instagram feed along with the recipe details which will motivate you to try them at home too. Trust me, if you want a motivational Food Instagram account to follow then shamispassions is the ideal one for you.

#15. Nandita Iyer

Instagram Handle: saffrontrail

#toasttuesday Today’s breakfast was Paneer Bhurji topped toasts. Slices of tomato, fresh mint leaves and rocket flowers to prettify it. It’s definitely not avocado season in Bangalore, so paneer is my other favourite toast topper. Flavoured with onions, spiced up with green chillies, coriander powder and that golden hue from turmeric, it made a delicious and hearty breakfast. Paneer Bhurji + 2 slices of bread: 273 Cal breakfast RECIPE AND COMPLETE NUTRITIONAL DETAILS IN STORIES. . What’s your favourite topping on toast? . . . . . . . #foodblogfeed #instayum @huffposttaste @desi.diaries @goodfoodindia @cookinglight @betterhomesandgardensindia @thekitchen @food52 #vegetarianfoodshare @foodblogfeed #onmytable #eeeeeats #f52grams #saffrontrail #bangalorediaries #bangalorefoodies #tomatoes #thefeedfeed #breakfastlover @thefeedfeed #feedfeed #thefeedfeed #veggiebuzzing #paneer #toasted #stcooks #caloriecounting #myfitnesspal

A post shared by Nandita | Vegetarian Blog (@saffrontrail) on

One of the most influential food bloggers in Bangalore, Nandita Iyer is a food enthusiast and a passionate cook who prepares healthy vegetarian recipes for her readers to try at home. She takes photographs of her healthy vegetarian creations every day and then shares it on Instagram with her huge follower base to help them out in cooking new and delicious recipes.

Her Instagram account has garnered a following of 39.1k followers and has more around 3,292 posts in which she displays daily food dishes that she prepares at home. Apart from preparing delicious dishes, she also styles her food well and takes Instagram-worthy photographs which leave the followers begging for more after each post. Trust me, this is one Instagram account that you should follow for healthy recipes and delightful photographs to satisfy your food cravings.

#16. Adarsh Munjal

Instagram Handle: thebigbhookad

Adarsh Munjal is one of India’s first food bloggers who started food blogging since 2010 and has now gathered a large follower base on Instagram account with 25.9k followers. He has posted around 1,962 posts till now on his Instagram page, thebigbhookad, in which he reviews different eating joints and recommends best dishes to try for all the food lovers out there.

He takes beautiful food pictures to tempt his followers to heed his recommendation and will leave you drooling with all his food exploration every day. Since he stays in Mumbai, he explores the food in Mumbai streets and recommends food from different areas which will leave you licking your fingers every time you try these recommendations.

#17. Ritika Jaiswal

Instagram Handle: kolkatafoodie

A Kolkata food blogger and an aspiring pastry chef, Ritika Jaiswal is certainly one of the top Food Instagrammers in India who not only shares her food recipes but also updates her followers about various food events through her Instagram page. With approximately 24.1k followers and 1,719 food posts, she has created a great food presence for herself on Instagram.

Her Instagram page, kolkatafoodie, is filled with beautiful photographs of the food, restaurants, etc. that she reviews. However, that’s not all. As mentioned earlier, she also bakes pastries and other desserts and often shares a photograph of the finished product with her Instagram followers to drool over. If you want to stay updated about food events, recipes, and restaurants in Kolkata then kolkatafoodie is the perfect Instagram account to follow.

#18. Mizan Siddiqui

Instagram Handle: dillikabhukkad

Another ardent foodie who loves reviewing different food and restaurants on Zomato, Facebook, and Instagram is Mizan Siddiqui. His Instagram page, Dillikabhukkad, has a follower count of 24.3k and post count of 557 in which he shares everything food related.

He posts pictures of his everyday meals on Instagram for giving you a daily foodgasm and recommends the best places in Delhi to eat out at. Trust me, all his recommended food places tend to be amazing and will end up with you visiting them repeatedly once you have had a taste of it. So, if you want to stay updated about delicious and exciting eating joints in Delhi then do follow dillikabhukkad!

#19. Sailu

Instagram Handle: sailusfood

Sailu is passionate cook and baker who loves to shoot food photographs and uses organic ingredients as much as possible. The Instagram account, sailusfood, has around 157 posts and 22.4k followers where you get to savor some amazing Indian recipes that are prepared by Sailu herself.

She also has a food blog where she shares her recipes, tips, videos, etc. to prepare delicious and healthy food and then she shares the photograph of her creations on Instagram to update her followers. If you want to keep yourself updated on Sailu’s new healthy yet delicious food recipes and want to savor food photographs every day then you have to follow sailusfood page on Instagram.

#21. Neha Mathur

Instagram Handle: whiskaffair

Then, there is Neha Mathur who is the curator of Whiskaffair and also has a food blog where she shares her recipes for other people to try. Her Instagram feed is a paradise for all the foodies out here as it showcases a variety of food items that are prepared by her which look utterly delightful and tasty.

She currently has a following of 21.8k and has posted around 1,598 posts on her Instagram page till now. Out of these 1,598 posts, some of them are so nicely prepared and photographed that you wouldn’t be able to stop drooling while looking at them. Whiskaffair is a great Instagram page to keep yourself updated on the latest recipes and food products and to give yourself a foodgasm every day.

#20. Richa Gupta

Instagram Handle: my_foodstory

Yet another top Food Influencer on Instagram to follow is Richa Gupta who is the creator of My_foodstory Instagram page where she shares her amazing cooking results and updates on recipes. Richa is a passionate foodie and cook and has a food blog where she works full-time by sharing her everyday food experiments and recipes.

With a follower base of approximately 21.8k and 614 food posts, Richa has become a popular food blogger to look out for cooking tips and recipes. She covers all kinds of food recipes and makes it easy to cook amateur cooks. So, if you want to stay updated with her recipes or want to just gaze at her beautiful creations then follower her Instagram account at my_foodstory.


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