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Food blogging has become quite popular recently as more and more foodies are opening up their own blog to share their food journey with the readers. However, a new trend has started where people have started sharing drool-worthy pictures of their food on Instagram for everyone to see and love. We all know that social media is one of the greatest tools to share content and it seems like some of these food enthusiasts have been making the most use of it.

While Foodstagramming is not easy and requires a consistent good content along with good engagement, we have a few amazing Food Instagram Influencers in Delhi who give you food goals every day. Trust me, these Food enthusiasts know how to make the crowd go ga-ga over their food pictures and are undoubtedly the best food influencers in Delhi.

So, take a look at their account and give them a follow if you want your feed to be filled with amazing and genuine food items from all over Delhi.

1. Ashutosh Bhatt

Blog: RoutePrints
Instagram Handle: @routeprints

Ashutosh Bhatt, a travel and food blogger based in India is someone you shouldn’t miss. He started his journey in 2018 with his few friends and traveled more than 20 countries and 53 states.

Because of his love for travel and food, he started his own blog and Instagram page “Routeprints” which will showcase you some amazing travel destination and their food specialty. Routeprints is basically a happy place where he shares his experiences, food love, adventures, and reviews of different places which you can try when you are visiting those particular places.

Photography, reviews and the place selections are his specialties. He already worked with top brands as a promotion partner like indigo, Zomato, Neemrana hotels, etc.

2. Karan Dua

Blog: Dil Se Foodie
Instagram Handle: dilsefoodie

Karan Dua started his food journey a few years back when he started going on food walks, testing events, and so on. He is a big foodie who loves to eat different kinds of cuisines and so he started his own blog and Instagram page Dil se foodie to showcase all the restaurants, events, food walks, etc. that he hosted or attended along with reviews to help the readers in deciding whether a food place is worth it or not. He now has a team of several members who curate events, foodie and blogger meetups, arrange food walks, and so on and their Instagram page is the testimony for it.

If you want amazing food pictures on your Instagram feed then you have to check out the Dil se Foodie account. They have around 197k followers with more than 2,600 posts and each of their Instagram posts will make your mouth tingle. You will see all kinds of foods on their account from chats to biryani and some of them even have Karan himself hogging on the food. Trust me, this is one Instagram account that every food lover should definitely follow for latest food updates.

2. Sarah Hussain

Instagram Handle: zingyzest

Sarah Hussain is another top class food curator who shares amazing food goals on her Instagram account zingyzest. She is a big time foodie and food critic who was at No. 1 position for six months straight on the Zomato Leadership when she was just 20 years old. You will find a large variety of food posts on her page where she displays different types of cuisines that she tries every day. Some of the food posts on her Instagram account are ultimate and will give you major food goals to fulfill.

Apart from sharing the food pictures from all around Delhi, Sarah also handles PR for different hotels and restaurants and has previously worked with Radisson Blu, Warehouse Café, Yum Yum Cha, etc. for food collaborations. She reviews the food at different locations and then styles the food for a beautiful shot so that her fans will be left wanting more with every post. Trust me, if you are a big-time foodie and want to know about the best places to eat in Delhi then you definitely have to follow this food genius and follow her recommendations well.

3. Sukrit Jain and Kashish Jain

Instagram Handle: thegreatindianfoodie

Sukrit Jain and Kashish Jain, two brothers, are our Instagram stars who share with us their amazing food adventures in the form of photography and makes us swoon over the delightful food items that they review every weekend. Their entire Instagram feed is just filled with a wide range of lip-smacking dishes. Every weekend, they explore Delhi and its wonderful food and then enlighten us with their finding so that we know where to go next too.

You will find them trying everything from cakes and pastries to street food and sandwiches. Due to their great food content, they have around 109k followers and have already posted around 2,030 pictures of attractive looking foods. If you are looking for a Delhi food account on Instagram to follow for great food and restaurants reviews then this is certainly one account to follow.

4. Shivesh Bhatia

Blog: Bake with Shivesh
Instagram Handle: shivesh17

Shivesh is one of the most popular food bloggers in Delhi who started his baking passion when he was just in 11th standard. He has been posting amazing photographs of desserts and baked goods, prepared by him, on his Instagram account for a long time and now has a following of around 96.9k followers with more than 1,300 food posts. He loves baking cookies, cakes, and other desserts and you can clearly see it from his Instagram photos.

His Instagram page is so pretty and filled with delectable desserts and baked goods that you cannot stop looking at them and wish you could take them out of the picture and eat them. Seeing his passion for baking and his amazing and highly presentable food photographs on Instagram, his fans pushed him to start his own blog and thankfully he complied with Bake with Shivesh. He is undoubtedly one of the top Delhi Instagrammers for food and you would never be disappointed with his Instagram photographs. Also, you can attend other baking events with him by following his account on Instagram.

5. Karan Tripathi

Blog: Confessions of a Food Fanatic
Instagram Handle: karanfoodfanatic

Karan Tripathi is another topnotch food blogger who started his gastronomical journey sometime back and owns an Instagram account and a blog to share his journey with others. He absolutely loves gorging on food and can eat from anyplace from a roadside vendor to a fine dine restaurant as long as he gets to have some tasty items. He is passionate about food and so he often cooks his own creations as well but mostly, he loves going to new food places to try different dishes and review them.

He has a following of around 64.7k and has more than 1,000 food posts till now, each of his posts carefully selected and properly curated. He has a knack for taking amazing food photographs which will leave you hungry and tempted and will make you want to rush to the particular food stall to satisfy your food cravings. Trust me, his Instagram account is a paradise for all the foodies out there and is a great way to keep updated about the best places to eat and the foods to try.

6. Paresh Gupta

Blog: Delhi Food Nerd
Instagram Handle: khaata_rahe_mera_dil

Paresh Gupta is an enthusiastic eater who really enjoys good food and can eat a wide range of cuisines from spicy Aloo Tikki Chats to piping hot Paranthas and Chole Bhature. He is a big fan of Delhi’s food and says that it is an ultimate paradise for all food junkies out there as it offers a variety of cuisines and dishes to the users. You can find street food, kebabs, continental, and so on here which makes it the perfect place for anyone who loves food.

Apart from his Instagram account khaata_rahe_mera_dil, he also has a new blog called Delhi Food Nerd on WordPress platform where he shares his food experience and restaurant reviews to help out his readers. He has a following of around 89.9k followers and has posted close to 1,530 posts till now, each photograph nicely shot and framed. He loves exploring Delhi’s food life and then sharing it with his Instagram fans so if you are someone who wants to explore Delhi’s street food too then you definitely need to follow Paresh’s Instagram account.

7. Nikita Aggarwal

Instagram Handle: agirlwithfork

Nikita Aggarwal is a travel and food lover and often clicks and shares amazing photographs of her food and travel journeys on her Instagram account, agirlwithfork. She reviews food items from different restaurants and food stalls and posts amazing pictures of her conquers on the Instagram account which will definitely make you wish that you were there too. With 84.8k followers and around 1,236 posts, Nikita Aggarwal is an ultimate foodie and travel enthusiast whose pictures will take you around the world while enjoying a delicious meal at every place she visits.

All the pictures on her Instagram are beautifully presented and fill the frame perfectly, allowing you to look at them long enough for your stomach to start grumbling. I am not kidding, if you want to learn more about the amazing food of Delhi or anywhere else, then you definitely need to follow her and she will not disappoint you at all.

8. Sidhant Ahuja

Blog: Delhi Food Blogger
Instagram Handle: delhifoodblogger

Another inspiring Food blogger and Instagrammer located in Delhi is Sidhant Ahuja who has been sharing pictures of his food journey via food blog since 2015. He loves eating food and reviewing it and started it as a normal hobby since he loved eating out a lot. However, soon it turned into something else and he started keeping a blog to track all the restaurants and places that he has visited till now. Now, he has a huge fan base on a lot of social media including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. where he usually shares photos and reviews of the different food and places that he tries.

His Instagram account delhifoodblogger currently has 61.9k followers and 1,035 posts in which he shares the experience and the feeling of trying a new dish at a new restaurant. His entire Instagram page is filled with Delhi’s best foods from the best places around the city. You will find mouthwatering Pav Bhaji, South Indian Thali, Pizzas, Desserts, etc. on his page which will leave you feeling hungry and a major food craving for the posted food item.

9. Hina Bisht

Blog: Fun Food Frolic
Instagram Handle: funfoodandfrolic

Hina Bisht is another top food blogger and Instagrammer in Delhi who will leave you stunned and drooling over her amazing creations. Hina is based out of Gurgaon and is a food blogger, food stylist, and a food consultant as well which is why her food photographs are always so immaculate and well-framed. She loves preparing food and trying new recipes but what she loves, even more, is styling her food and then photographing it which is evident from her Instagram account.

Although she has only 23k followers right now, she is quite famous as a food photographer and her Instagram account is heaven for all the food lovers out there. All of her food photographs are nicely styled and curated and give a nice and organized feel to her account which is why she is so popular as a Foodstagrammer. Trust me, if you want some nice recipes and cooking tips then you have to follow her Instagram account or you can just enjoy looking at her beautiful collection of food items.

10.Natasha Minocha

Blog: Tasha’s Artisan Foods
Instagram Handle: tashasartisanfoods

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Another Food blogger who has taken over the Instagram with her amazing food page is Natasha Minocha who has her own food business in Delhi and uses Instagram as a marketing medium. Her entire Instagram page is filled with delicious and delightful food products like croissants, ice creams, cookies, brownies, etc. Trust me, open any of her Instagram photos and you will be blown away by the photograph and will feel drool trickling out of your mouth by just looking at it.

What’s more, all the photographs on her Instagram are actually real photographs taken just after she prepares a food item. Isn’t that mind-blowing? Currently, she has around 18.1k followers and has roughly around 588 posts but she is soon to become a bigger Food celebrity on Instagram. Trust me, I can’t stop looking at her amazing creations and am getting major food goals right now. So make sure you follow her on Instagram for amazing recipe updates and to look at some really irresistible food items.



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