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Food is an integral part of our life which is why care must be taken to ensure that we only eat things which we can enjoy properly. So, one needs to find food items which don’t only taste good but looks good too. However, Bangalore is not really a city known for food so how do you find delicious outlets in this working city?

Well, there are so famous food enthusiasts in Bangalore who have taken it upon themselves to check out the local food and post the best stuff so that more people can become aware of it. These food enthusiasts don’t only cook food and post delightful photographs of it but some of them also review foods at various eat outs to help out others.

Now, if you are looking for some food enthusiasts to follow on Instagram for a daily dose of foodgasm, then this is the perfect place for you. We have listed down some amazing food profiles found on Instagram whose feeds will leave you forever hungry.

#1 Up and Coming Influencer: Ashutosh Bhatt

Blog: RoutePrints
Instagram Handle: @routeprints

Ashutosh Bhatt, a travel and food blogger based in India is someone you shouldn’t miss. He started his journey in 2018 with his few friends and traveled more than 20 countries and 53 states.

Because of his love for travel and food, he started his own blog and Instagram page “Routeprints” which will showcase you some amazing travel destination and their food specialty. Routeprints is basically a happy place where he shares his experiences, food love, adventures, and reviews of different places which you can try when you are visiting those particular places.

Photography, reviews and the place selections are his specialties. He already worked with top brands as a promotion partner like indigo, Zomato, Neemrana hotels, etc.


#2. Nandita Iyer

Instagram Handle: saffrontrail

GARDEN BREAKFAST – Today’s breakfast looked like this! Fresh rocket leaves and tomatoes from the garden, hard boiled eggs I had batch prepped yesterday, a generous shower of freshly cracked black pepper and Himalayan salt. And of course some extra virgin olive oil. So satisfying and pretty that I didn’t miss the bread. 226 calories – check the MyFitnessPal recipe log in stories. . The easy access to fresh green salad leaves is the best part about a kitchen garden. . What was your breakfast today? . . . . . . #foodblogfeed #instayum @huffposttaste @desi.diaries @goodfoodindia @cookinglight @betterhomesandgardensindia @thekitchen @food52 #vegetarianfoodshare @foodblogfeed #onmytable #eeeeeats #f52grams #saffrontrail #bangalorediaries #bangalorefoodies #eggs #tomatoes #thefeedfeed #breakfastlover @thefeedfeed #thefeedfeedglutenfree #feedfeed #thefeedfeed

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Nandita Iyer is another influential food blogger in Bangalore who prepares delicious healthy      vegetarian dishes and shares the recipes on her food blog so that others can check it out too. Most of the recipes are easy and simple to follow and contains healthy ingredients which allow you to stay fit and fine while having a tasty meal.

She also has an account on Instagram where she takes photographs of her daily food recipes which will leave you smacking your lips every time you look at them. Each of her food posts is nicely curated and taken with a high-end camera to get the best feel and inspire all her readers and followers to cook their own food too. Currently, she has an Instagram following of 39.1k with a total of 3,292 posts and is quite popular for her food content and recipes all over India. On her Instagram page, you will not only find amazing Indian dishes but also a plethora of International dishes like Pizza, Lasagna, etc. which will keep you tempted for a long time.

#3. Richa

Instagram Handle: my_foodstory

If there was ever a curry that I licked off the pan – this is it! This Mughlai Chicken has flavours that I can’t even describe. Like all my other recipes, this one can’t be described as ‘easy’ because it isn’t as simple. It’s a little bit of work but so so worth it! Also I’m giving away a @fujihoroindia casserole to one lucky winner! Have you entered the giveaway yet? Recipe: 3 tablespoons Ghee 10 Cashewnuts 4 large Onions, finely chopped 6 Garlic Cloves, peeled 1 inch piece Ginger, peeled 3 Green Chillies 2 Cardamom Pods 1 Bayleaf 3 Cloves 1 inch Cinnamon stick 1/2 kg bone-in Chicken (cut into medium sized pieces) 1/2 teaspoon Turmeric Powder 1 teaspoon Coriander Powder 1/2 teaspoon Chilli Powder 1/2 teaspoon Garam Masala Powder 2 tablespoons Cream Salt to taste ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Soak cashewnuts in hot water for 10 minutes. Also rub turmeric powder on the chicken. Set both things aside. Heat a tablespoon of ghee in a pan, and add onions. Sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon salt over onions and mix. Reduce the flame, cover and cook the onions till they are deep brown in colour. During the process of browning the onions, stir them around every 5-6 minutes to prevent them from sticking to the bottom and burning. Caramelizing the onions should take about 20 minutes. Once the onions are brown, transfer them to a food processor along with the soaked cashewnuts, garlic cloves, ginger, green chillies and 1/4 cup water. Grind to a smooth paste. Heat the remaining ghee in the same pan, and add cardamom pods, bayleaf, cloves and cinnamon. Saute for a minute or two and add the onion paste. Cook the onion paste on medium high heat, while stirring occasionally for 4-5 minutes. Add coriander powder, chilli powder, garam masala powder and salt and saute for another 2-3 minutes. Add chicken to the pan along with 1/4 cup water. Cover and cook the chicken for 20 minutes or till cooked through, while stirring the curry occasionally. This will be a thick gravy, but if you like your thinner, feel free to add a little water and bring the curry to a boil. Taste for seasoning, and finish it up by stirring in the cream. Switch off the flame. Let the curry sit for 10 minutes before serving with parathas and

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Next, we have Richa, another top-notch food blogger in Bangalore who will leave you dazed with her amazing food recipes and absolutely loves cooking and eating food. On her food blog, she shares her food journey with the readers and loves to experiment with her food a lot. She often posts recipes which are fun and quick to prepare and also takes a good photograph of each of her creations to post on Instagram.

She left her job to become a full-time food blogger and shares amazing photographs and videos of her food on Instagram to make everyone envious of her cooking skills. Currently, she has around 21.8k followers and 614 posts and her account is an absolute delight for food lovers and cooks. If you want to stay updated with her amazing and creative recipes or if you just want to look at beautiful food photographs then you need to follow her on Instagram. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed and will find some or the other delicious item on her Instagram feed to prepare or just savor with your eyes.

#4. Rohini James

Instagram Handle: rjheartnsoul

Another amazing food enthusiast in Bangalore to follow on Instagram is Rohini James who loves to post photographs of food dishes and events that she often attends. Her blog, RJ  Heart and Soul, is all about eating healthy and staying fit and is a perfect place for foodies who want to stay fit without compromising on their food. She shares a few tips for eating good and staying healthy shares photographs of her travel and food journeys which are beyond tempting.

She currently has 11k followers and has around 576 posts on her Instagram feed which is a collection of fitness, food, and travel posts. However, her food posts really stand out from her feed and will make you foodgasm every time you look at one of them. She also shares different foods from her travel journeys so you get a taste of International cuisines as well but what is most interesting about her profile is that each of her food posts is quite carefully and nicely captured. The lighting, alignment, etc. of her food is perfect so you will be completely blown by her food photographs. Overall, this is a good account to follow to get your daily dose of delicious food posts along with useful tips to stay fit and healthy.

#5. Nithya

Instagram Handle: kaapilicious

Good Morning Everyone!! ❤ That’s how we add colours onto our breakfast plate to beat the Monday blues! 😬 . . In here :- – Samai Idli’s / Little Millets Idli’s drizzled with Sesame Oil (made with 2:1 ratio of little millets & Urad Dal, soaked separately for 4-5 hours, then ground into a fluffy smooth batter and let it ferment overnight) – T.N Style Onion Moong Dal Tiffin Sambar – Spicy Onion-Tomato Chutney – Coconut Chutney – Podi with Sesame Oil – ofcourse rounded it off with our Filter Kaapi in a davara tumbler 😀 . . Hope you all have a fabulous and a colourful week ahead! ❤❤ . . P.s: Little Millets are from @happyhealthymeorganics . . #Millets #MilletIdlis #Glutenfree #GlutenfreeVegan #Brekkie #breakfast #BreakfastStories #Idli #GlutenFreeIndia #SoulfulBreakfast #MyCookingStories #MyKitchenAdventures #foodtalkindia #foodtalkbangalore #sobangalore #instafood #instaphoto #instadaily #instabangalore #bangalore #bangalorefoodie #bangalorefoodiesclub #food #foodpic #lbbbangalore #myblr #nammabengaluru #sobangalore #igersbangalore #letsmillet #LittleMillets @glutenfreelivingindia @beautifulcuisines @hautescuisines

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Nithya Anantham is another inspiring foodie who loves to explore new cuisines and then try them out at home with easy-to-find local ingredients. She does a Fusion cooking style where she combines both the traditional and unconventional style to prepare recipes and uses a lot of healthy organic ingredients for a healthy diet.

She shares her healthy recipes on her food blog and posts mouth-watering photographs of these recipes on Instagram for users to see and drool over. Her Instagram feed is filled with food photographs and is nicely arranged to complement each other. She usually uses a white background for taking the food photographs so all her photographs look smooth and so, the details in the dishes spring out more clearly for the users to identify. She has a total following of 10.8k and has posted around 1,293 food photographs so you will have a lot of fun in checking out all her food posts and praise them.

#6. Chitra

Instagram Handle: chitrasfoodbook

Another food blogger worth looking out for on Instagram is Chitra who is a big-time foodie and loves to not only cook but bake too. She is one of the top food bloggers in Bangalore and has shared a multitude of recipes till now which are quite easy to follow and prepare delicious dishes. She has a vegetarian food blog so she has many eggless recipes where she uses substitutes and manages to produce the same result which makes it perfect for vegetarian foodies.

Her Instagram account is not as popular as her food blog but she still has managed to garner around 8,866 followers with her 555 posts on food recipes. Each of her food posts is neat and nicely framed and adds a certain charm to feed and you will find all kinds of food photographs on her page, from Idly to Vada Pav which will keep you wanting for more. Trust me, if you are looking to follow a food enthusiast to follow good recipes and food photographs then Chitrasfoodbook is definitely the one for you.

#7. Swapna

Instagram Handle: thefoodporndiaries

Clearly a good pizza generates a lot of enthusiasm! My stories were flooded with comments yesterday. But putting this together was actually a breeze. I had lunch ready in 0 to 10 mins! . Bought a ready-made thin crust square pizza base from @foodhallindia . Brushed the base with some EVOO and grilled it for a minute before topping it with some @waitrose Sun-dried Tomato paste and pesto. Love using fresh Bocconcinni as it melts so beautifully. Oh, and added some julienned orange peppers and spinach for colour and crunch. Easiest lunch ever. . . . #pizza #lunch #bocconcinni #mozarella #cheese #melt #fresh #easy #homemade #foodporn #foodphotography #feedfeed #feed52grams #bbcgoodfood #huffposttaste #italianfood #thincrust #pesto #sundriedtomatoes #vegetarian #meatlessmondays #meatfree

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Another inspiring food account on Instagram to check out is Thefoodporndiaries which is handled by Swapna who not only loves to eat but is passionate about cooking too. She also has a food blog where she shares her home food recipes and also posts restaurant reviews and some of her travel adventures.

She loves eating out a lot and loves traveling which is why her Instagram feed is full of food and travel related pictures. She currently has a following of 1,807 with a total post of 447 on Instagram but each of the food photographs on her feed is so carefully framed and taken that you will fall in love with her account. She does several food assignments and then posts delightful pictures of those food items which will leave you drooling all day long. So if you are looking for a food account to get inspired then this is an account that you must check.

#8. Sukanya

Instagram Handle: saffronstreaks

Jackfruit biryani or kathal ki biryani -is one unusual but flavorsome rice based dish. This faux meat biryani will adequately comply with all the complex flavours of meat biryani is unparalleled taste and the gratification of having a good, delectable biryani meal. Jackfruits were long considered as faux meat because of its appearance, its texture and its ability to soak up the flavors and spices. While cooking this jackfruit biryani, I had followed and imitate every single process that I would follow to make mutton biryani. Right from marinating the tender pieces of jackfruits in yogurt and aromatic blend of spices that consists black cardamoms, cinnamon, cloves, mace  to bhunoue (braising) on high heat just like you would do with mutton chops. Then finish the cooking in dum style layered in between the fragrant basmati rice, few drops of rose or kewra essence, handful of fried onions and a raita to serve with. #newonblog link in profile. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #jackfruit #vegbiryani #vegetablebiryani #fauxmeat #meatlessmonday #biryani #biryanilove #biryanirice #indiancooking #indiancuisines #flavorsofindia #vegetarianmeal #vegetarianfoodshare #veganfeedfeed #veganfoodshare #cleaneating #cleanfood #vegetarianrecipes #huffposttaste #beautifulcuisines #onmyplate #healthymeals #tasteofindia #desi_diaries #desikhana #gharkakhana #flavoursofindia #plantbasedfood #foodstagram #foodphotography #photofiefood

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Sukanya is another inspiring food blogger who resides in Bangalore and shares amazing food recipes and travel experiences with her readers on her food blog. You will not only find articles regarding recipes on her blog but many articles on the food industry and trends as well. Although her blog isn’t equipped with good-quality photographs, her Instagram account does total justice to her food items and makes people’s mouth water after every post.

Although she is still new to Instagram, she has gathered around 908 followers and has around 268 posts on her feed right now. Each of her food posts is properly crafted and taken and is bound to leave you feeling hungry for more. You will find not only traditional Indian dishes on her feed but many other worldwide dishes and desserts as well so you won’t miss out on anything and will have the enjoy your Instagram feed every day.

#9. Ankur Sille

Instagram Handle: confusedfoodie

Ankur Sille is another huge foodie who lives in Bangalore and tends to eat out a lot. He absolutely loves eating food and his life always revolves around where and what to eat today. Although he doesn’t really cook much at home, he does go out to eat a lot and shares pictures of his food adventures on his Instagram account for others to see.

He has around 563 followers and 314 posts on his Instagram account but this does no justice to the quality of food photographs that he posts on his page. Trust me, each of his food posts is nicely and carefully clicked and will give you a feel of an experienced food blogger while the food itself on his page is delicious and looks utterly delightful. If you are ever having major food cravings but you can’t go out to eat then head over to Ankur’s Instagram account and you will be able to check out all the delectable items on his feed till your heart’s desire. So, go ahead and follow him now to get your daily dose of absolutely delicious content!

#10. Maria and Priyanka

Instagram Handle: myhealthyliving_diary

Good morning everyone 😃 I have been crushing on musk melons of late , so you might be seeing a lot of variations of muskmelons. Today I decided to make a banana, pineapple, oats and muskmelon smoothie topped with sesame seeds, goji berries,kiwi,muskmelon balls and mint. So refreshing this bowl was, a perfect summer bowl. Eat healthy and keep inspiring. . . . . #bananasmoothiebowl#muskmelons#pineapples#gojiberries#seasmeseeds#smoothiesarethebest#fruits#superseeds#kiwi#fruitlover#healthybreakfast#healthyrecipes#healthylifestyle#healthyfood#breakfastofchampions#indiafoodbloggers#indiafoodtalk#bangalorefoodblogger#nammabengaluru#healthylivingjourney#bangalorefoodbloggers#loveforfood#foodstyling#bangalorediaries#foodporn#foodgasmic#instafoodshare#instagasmicphotohraphy#foodphotography#myhealthyliving_diary

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Last, but not the least, if you are looking for a food account to follow in Bangalore for tasty and healthy recipes then myhealthyliving_diary is the perfect Instagram account to follow. This food blog is handled by Maria and Priyanka who reside in Bangalore and are great food enthusiasts who love to cook healthy yet delicious recipes. They are also food photography enthusiast which is why they love taking photographs of the food that they prepare or review and take careful yet amazing shots every time.

Their Instagram account has 367 followers and 88 posts till now but trust me, each of their food posts is going to have you a foodgasm and will leave you drooling for a long time. All the food photographs are carefully captured and consist of colorful ingredients which makes their Instagram feed really attractive and tempting for all the foodies around the world. If you want to stay updated on healthy recipes from their blog and want to look at beautiful food pictures the entire day then you absolutely have to follow their account. Trust me, you will be never disappointed by looking at their Instagram page and will love seeing their delicious and delightful food posts on your feed every day.

#11. Archana

Instagram Handle: archanaskitchen

Archana is one of the top food bloggers in India who currently stays in Bangalore and has been cooking a for a long time now. Her food blog is quite popular among new cooks and bakers and has over thousand recipes, tips, etc. If you are learning to cook right now then you definitely need to head over to her blog and check out her recipes and videos. But what about people who just like to look at beautiful dishes?

Well, lucky for us but she has an Instagram account too where she shares photographs of all the delicacies that she makes every day. She started her Instagram just soon after her food blog and has now garnered around 72.5k followers and has posted a total of 2528 food photographs/videos till now. Her feed is filled with amazingly delicious yet healthy snacks which she prepares herself every day and styles beautifully too. Trust me, following her is the best way to satisfy your food cravings.