Nowadays, there has been a tremendous increase in food bloggers around the world and Kolkata has not been far behind. Kolkata is known to be the land of food where you can get amazingly delicious sweets and snacks. There are numerous food businesses all around the city which give you delectable delights to eat and savor.

Are you looking for some inspirational food blogs of Kolkata? Want to try a few Bengali recipes?

If yes, then you need to check out the below list of food blogs which will not only inspire you to cook but will also leave your mouth watering with their delightful food pictures. Trust me, these food blogs are amazing and will not only offer you amazing recipes to try but will also give you a proper taste of Kolkata’s cuisine.

#1. Peek n Cook

Moumita Chatterjee Ghosh is the cook and author of Peek n Cook which is one of the best food blogs in Kolkata where you can find a plethora of recipes both for Bengali cuisine and non-Bengali cuisine. The design of this food blog is different from all the other food blogs in Kolkata and you will find here numerous food categories and menus to choose the recipes from. Apart from sharing homemade recipes, Moumita Ghosh also reviews the food products, restaurants, and different dishes so her readers get a better idea about good food.

Apart from the conventional cooking recipes, you will also find microwave recipes, healthy food recipes, and recipes for bachelors who are not well-conversed with the art of cooking. You will also find numerous recipes here segregated into different occasions and food categories. Once you open a food recipe, you will find an introduction to the dish followed with a couple of amazing photographs of the finished product and a concise and easy-to-follow recipe which everyone can understand. Peek n Cook is undoubtedly a great food blog for anyone who wishes to learn cooking quickly and efficiently.

Peek n Cook Homepage

#2. Kolkatafoodie

Another inspiring food blog to check out is Kolkata Foodie which was started by Ritika Jaiswal who is a budding food blogger and an aspiring pastry chef. The Kolkata Foodie is a simple yet helpful food blog where you will find all the information about happening food events in Kolkata, amazing food and entertaining places to visit in Kolkata, and numerous recipes to help your inner cook. All of the posts on this food blog are detailed and a colorful and nice picture is attached to it to tempt you into trying it out.

You can check out blog posts according to the month and year and can also search for a particular recipe by typing in a few keywords in the Search box which makes navigating this food blog easier. On the homepage, you will find a few recent posts with a Read more option and a featured image displaying to attract the readers. Once you click on the ‘Read more’ button, the post is opened and you will find detailed information inside it. All the recipes are simple and short and quite easy to understand and are followed by a video for better understanding. If you are an aspiring baker too then this is a food blog that you should definitely check out.

Kolkatafoodie Homepage

#3. Kitchen of Debjani

Debjani is a passionate food blogger who used to experiment with food recipes since she was small and became a foodie later on in college. Now, she has immersed herself completely in cooking and started her food blog ‘Kitchen of Debjani’ in 2011 in order to document all her cooking adventures and stories related to it. Although initially, she started the food blog only to record her food recipes but now she also uses it to review restaurants, street foods, travel food adventures, and so on.

Debjani is the author and the photographer for this food blog and has posted numerous recipes with photographs to share with her readers. Apart from reviewing restaurants and foods, she also reviews food products and holds food contests and events for her readers to participate in. She also shares food recipe videos for users who find it easier to watch the recipe than reading and her food blog consists of numerous food categories like Bengali food, baked goodies, sweets, comfort foods, etc. for readers to choose from. Each of the food categories holds several recipes and once you open a recipe, you will be directed to a page containing a detailed description of the dish and then a printable recipe instructions section. Each recipe contains 4-5 photographs to give a better idea of the dish and makes it easier for readers to replicate at home.

Kitchen of Debjani Homepage

#4. Scratching Canvas

Scratching Canvas is another inspiring food blog where you can read the food and travel journey of Rimli who is the brain and heart behind this food blog. Rimli is the cook, photographer, and author of this food blog and often experiments a lot in the kitchen with her dishes before they reach perfection. She is a food enthusiast and particularly loves local fresh bread and often uses the trial and error method when cooking a new recipe.

Her blog is divided into three sections: Food, Travel, and Photography so you will find content on each of these aspects. Apart from sharing her homemade recipes, Rimli also reviews restaurants and food products to help out fellow foodies and makes it easier for them to choose the right product or eating place. Once you click on the recipe menu, you will find 5 categories: breakfast, appetizer, main, dessert, healthy and festival where there are numerous recipes in each of the categories. Once you open a recipe, you will be rewarded with amazing photographs of the food being prepared and a concise recipe instruction which is quite easy and simple to understand. If you are looking for a Kolkata food blog to follow and learn from then Scratching canvas is the right place to start.

Scratching Canvas Homepage

#5. Color and Spices

Started by Chitrangada in 2012, Color and Spices is one of the best food blogs in Kolkata where you will find an assortment of recipes to try at home. Chitrangada is a hardcore foodie who loves to cook and share her cooking expertise and experience with others to learn from. She loves creating food magic in her kitchen and has also become a good food photographer now after taking pictures of her various food items.

This food blog is segregated into a few categories like Vegetarian dishes, Baking, Desserts, Meat, Egg, and so on which readers can choose from. Once you open a category menu, you will be met with several different recipes along with a high-quality delightful food image attached with each of these food recipes. You can also check out the recipes by year after opening the blog archive and can learn how to cook step-by-step from the start. Each recipe contains a detailed history of the dish and a few amazing photographs which will make your mouth water instantly followed with the recipe steps which are simple and easy to understand. If you are a new cook who wants to learn new recipes then Color and Spices is a must-visit blog for you.

Color and Spices Homepage

#6. Cook like a Bong

Sudeshna Banerjee started her food blog named Cook like a Bong for people to cook Bengali cuisine at their home and master it. This food blog was started in 2007 and now has more than 300 recipes for readers to browse through. Once Sudeshna started getting interested in the Bengali cuisine, she started her food blog to document her experiences with Bengali cuisine.

Now, she not only posts Bengali recipes on her food blog but also shares photographs of her creations and interviews other Bengali food bloggers and answers various cooking related queries asked by people. Recently, she has also started shooting short recipe videos to make it easier for users to understand a recipe and implement it. You can check out the Recipe index on this blog to take a look at the list of recipes available on this food blog which includes Baking, Breakfast, Chicken, Desserts, and so on. Apart from sharing her recipes, Sudeshna also shares her detailed interviews and food stories with the readers. All the recipes on her food blog are concise and contain only two photographs to make it easier for readers to understand and not get distracted by pictures. If you are looking for a food blog to follow for latest food-related details then Cook like a Bong is perfect for you.

Cook like a Bong Homepage

#7. Bong Mom’s CookBook

If you are looking for a good and effective food blog in Kolkata then Bong Mom’s Cookbook might be the perfect way for you to get started. This food blog was started by Sandeepa who loves to eat, cook and then feed others. She started this blog to document her food experiments and to share the Bengali dishes with non-Bengali cooks to try at home. Although you will find a lot of recipes on Bengali cuisine, this food blog is not limited to just that and also encompasses other cuisines like Punjabi, Chinese, Tibetan, etc. too.

This food blog is easy to understand and also directs you to Sandeepa’s cookbook which was earlier published by Harper Collins and is a great way for amateur cooks to start. This food blog was started in 2006 and has many different food categories to make it easier for the readers to choose. There is All Bengali recipes, Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Fish, Dessert, etc. in food categories and each category has numerous recipes to decide from. Once you open a recipe, you will find the story related to it and a few pictures of the finished food which will then be followed by recipe instructions. The recipe is concise and easy to understand and makes a perfect base for a beginner cook to start.

Bong Mom’s CookBook Homepage

#8. A Homemaker’s Diary

Another amazing food blog in Kolkata is ‘A Homemaker’s Diary’ which was started by Sayantani Mahapatra who is a mother and a great food lover. She prepares amazing Bengali dishes and other kinds of dishes as well and then shares the recipe on her food blog for others to replicate. Her food blog is simple and easy to navigate and was started in 2008 to document her food recipes and experiences. Currently, there are several category labels to choose from which includes but is not limited to Baking supplies in Kolkata, Bengali, Beverage, Breakfast, Curry, Desserts and Sweets, One Pot Meals, Snacks, Reviews, and so on.

You can choose any food category to find recipes that you desire or you can open the Baking supplies, Review, etc. labels to learn more about where you can get your baking supplies in Kolkata or which restaurant to visit for a scrumptious meal. When you open a recipe, you will be welcomed with a detailed information on the food item and a delightful photo of the same to make your mouth water. Then it will be followed with a few more photographs, ingredients, and detailed method which is easy and simple to understand. One of the best food blogs in Kolkata for anyone who is aspiring to become a baker or a chef.

A Homemaker’s Diary Homepage

#9. Indian Vagabond

One of the most popular food blogs in Kolkata is Indian Vagabond which is authored by Subhadip Mukherjee who developed a keen interest in photography and blogging since he was in college. Also, his love for traveling resulted in him trying new dishes and then noting them down on his blog which he started from 2007. Although he wasn’t serious about his blog earlier, now Subhadip documents all his food and travel adventures in detail and also shares a few tried and tested recipes from home.

Indian Vagabond is a food+travel blog where you will find different categories like Africa, Chinese, Europe, Food, Photography, Travelogues, etc. You can select food category here to learn about the different food events occurring in Kolkata and how to prepare snacks and meals on different occasions in Kolkata. His recipes are highly detailed and consist of a descriptive history of the recipe followed by detailed recipe instructions which are accompanied by a picture at every step. All the food content on his blog is long and detailed and will help you understand how to cook delicious Kolkata dishes easily and quickly.

Indian Vagabond Homepage

#10. Cook-a-doodle-do

This is yet another amazing food blog to check out which was started by Sharmistha Guha to keep a track of all the recipes which she prepared at home. Soon, Sharmistha realized that she actually loves sharing her recipes with others, attending food events, cooking and photographing her dishes which is why she has started spending more time on her blog. She started her food blog in 2009 and has a simple and easy to understand food blog which any amateur cook can understand.

You will find multiple food tags in her recipe posts which make it easier to search for a particular recipe. Once you have found your recipe, you will be met with a couple of photographs of the dish along with 3-4 lines about the dish which will be followed with a concise section of recipe instructions which will be easy-to-cook at home. If you want some no-nonsense recipes which are short and easy to understand then Cook-a-doodle-do is the perfect food blog to follow.

Cook-a-doodle-do Homepage



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  2. Scratching Canvas is best. Rimli, an engineering student who once would not get a roti into shape came up all the way with Scratching Canvas. You will find such tasty delicacies here. You would all fall in love with it.

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