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Food is life!

Anyone who has cooked or baked anything in their life knows this to be true. However, it is not easy to cook and bake and can be even more difficult if you don’t have a simple and easy-to-follow recipe to adhere to. One wrong ingredient and you are left with a disastrous dish that even your dog won’t touch. So, what do you do? How do you start cooking/baking for the first time?

Well, there is nothing to worry about because there are some amazing food bloggers in India who have made it easy to cook and bake for beginners and experts alike. Want some easy tips and recipes to prepare yourself at home?

If yes, then you need to check out these amazing food blogs by passionate and serious food bloggers who love to bake and eat their cake too.

#1. Passionate About Baking

Passionate About Baking

When you try searching for a baking blog in India, the first website to pop up would be by Deeba Rajpal. After all, why the hell not?

Deeba Rajpal is one of the most prominent food bloggers in India who, as her blog name suggests, is extremely passionate about baking and food. She has been baking at her home for 15 years now and finds baking inspirational and therapeutic.

At her blog, Passionate about Baking, you will not only find some amazing and delicious recipes to prepare desserts and other baked goods at home but you will also find amazing food and travel photographs.

If you are looking for a place to start your baking career or want to start baking just as a hobby, then you need to follow this food blog.

You will not only get many creative and experimental ideas for baking but you will also be able to style and photograph your food after looking at her collection.

Just looking at her food photographs is making me drool now.

#2. Bake With Shivesh

Bake With Shivesh

The next food blog to check out is Bake With Shivesh which is managed by, yes it is none other than Shivesh. Shivesh is a 21 years old Delhiite who started baking when he was just 11th standard. He loves baking cakes, cupcakes, etc. and started blogging about his baking journey since 2014.

Bake with Shivesh is the perfect food blog for any beginner baker. Shivesh not only provides his readers with delicious yet easy to make recipes but also offers them easy baking tips and hacks to get more out of this experience. He also conducts various baking workshops for people who are interested in baking and you can find all information about it on his blog.

So, don’t forget to subscribe to his amazing food blog to get new recipes and hacks every day to enhance your baking and cooking skills at home.

#3. 2 Bliss of Baking

2 Bliss of Baking

2 Bliss of Baking by Pooja is another amazing baking blog that every baking lover should follow. This baking blog contains more than 150 baking recipes which are the perfect way to kick-start your baking career.

If you are looking for a food blog to learn a multitude of baking recipes to open your bakery then this 2 Bliss of Baking is the perfect blog for you.

You will find here several cakes, bread, cookies, candies, and so on recipes along with beautiful and mesmerizing photographs to keep you inspired and baking.

This food blog also contains many eggless, gluten-free and vegan recipes for users who prefer them so there is something for every user. Apart from that, this is a great food blog to learn about baking and you can join several workshops held by Pooja by keeping a check on this blog from time to time.

Overall, this is one of the best Indian baking blogs available on the Internet now and if you want to learn more about baking then this is the blog to subscribe.

4. Ashutosh Bhatt

Blog: RoutePrints
Instagram Handle: @routeprints

Ashutosh Bhatt, a travel and food blogger based in India is someone you shouldn’t miss. He started his journey in 2018 with his few friends and traveled more than 20 countries and 53 states.

Because of his love for travel and food, he started his blog and Instagram page “Routeprints” which will showcase you some amazing travel destination and their food specialty.

Routeprints is a happy place where he shares his experiences, food love, adventures, and reviews of different places that you can try when you are visiting those particular places.

Photography, reviews and the place selections are his specialties. He already worked with top brands as a promotion partner like indigo, Zomato, Neemrana hotels, etc.

#5. Archana’s Kitchen

Archana’s Kitchen is another famous Indian food blog that not only talks about the various cooking and baking recipes but you also get a chance to participate in the various cooking/baking contests that are held on this blog. This food blog is the ultimate blog for anyone who is looking to stay fit while enjoying a delicious meal with equally delectable desserts.

Archana’s Kitchen blog offers its audience an insight into cooking and baking and helps them in setting up their kitchen by referring essential kitchen equipment to invest in.

Apart from that, you can also find some everyday meal ideas and cooking ingredients which will help you in staying fit and healthy while not compromising on the food.

You will find numerous video recipes on this food blog which makes cooking and baking more fun and easy to understand and with her range of cuisines, you are bound to become an experienced cook in no time at all.

#6. The Dessert Project

The Dessert Project is another great food blog to check out which offers you a great insight into the art of dessert making and can help you master all kinds of desserts.

On this dessert blog, you will come across some amazing dessert recipes like tortes, pies, etc. along with some mouthwatering pictures to give you some idea of how the result will look like.

This food blog is easy to understand contains all the basic baking recipes that every new baker needs to know about. So, if you are looking for a place to start learning about baking then this is certainly one of the top spaces to check out.

#7. Whisk Affair

Neha Mathur is the founder of Whiskaffair which is a useful food blog for anyone who is looking for a few easy and creative recipes to try at home.

On Whiskaffair, you will find not only amazing Indian recipes but some International recipes too which are all tried and tested and will make you fall in love with cooking and baking.

You can find here many blog posts on cooking and baking basics along with a huge variety of recipes which includes several regional dishes as well. The pictures on this food blog will make you fall in love with the dishes and will compel you to follow the recipe and prepare the dish at your home too.

So if you are looking for a good place to learn a few basic baking recipes then this is certainly one of the top places to consider.

#8. Sonlicious

Another great Indian food blog to check out is Sonlicious which is started by Sonia Gupta and is one of the few Indian food blogs which can help you in setting up your home bakery.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for someplace to start baking as a hobby or are trying to make money out of it, Sonlicious will help you by teaching you all the baking basics and will groom you to become a master baker in no time at all.

Apart from imparting knowledge on a few baking basics, Sonlicious also offers the users multiple baking and cooking recipes along with workshop information where they can register for a simple hands-on session.

Trust me, with the help of this food blog, you will be able to bake your pastries and cakes which are not only delicious but healthy for you too.

#9. Foodomania

Foodomania is another great food blog to follow if you are looking for vegan recipes for cooking Indian dishes and baking different food items.

This food blog was started by Kavitha Ramaswamy in 2012 who loves cooking and baking and likes to prepare quick dishes at home. Foodomania will offer you with tons of vegetarian and vegan recipes for both Indian and International dishes.

Apart from that, you will also find here several egg-less baking recipes and some baking and kitchen basics to enhance your cooking/baking experience.

The step-by-step pictures on each of the recipes make this food blog easy to understand and implement and helps the users in understanding how a dish is supposed to look like at each step.

You will also find here many cooking and baking tips and hacks which can help you in cooking quickly and efficiently and will you both time and money.

#10. Feed Your Temptations

Have you always wanted to cook or bake? Do you love looking at food pictures?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes then you need to check out ‘Feed Your Temptations’. Teena is the author of the Feed Your Temptations who loves to cook and bake and then take amazing photographs of her creations. All the recipes on her blog are tried and tested by her and are extremely simple to follow so a novice user can understand them too.

On her blog Feed Your Temptations, Teena not only shares recipes for different cakes, muffins, cupcakes, desserts, etc. but also offer some blogging tips to other foodies who are thinking about becoming a food blogger. Also, the pictures on her food blog are completely stunning and will make your mouth water in just a few seconds.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out this amazing food blog now!

#11. Flavors of Mumbai

Yet another helpful food blog that one needs to check out is the Flavors of Mumbai which is authored by Maria and is one of the few food blogs which also talks about Goan recipes.

You will find a variety of recipes here, all categorized by region or menu. Apart from the regular recipes for snacks, desserts, main course, etc., you will find here a ton of other useful recipes for vegetarian and vegan dishes.

If you are on a diet, then this is probably one of the best food blogs to check out some low-fat recipes to help you out. Each of the recipes on this food blog is simple and quick to implement and can be executed by a novice cook as well.

#12. Food-Dee-Dum

Are you looking for an inspirational food blog to follow?

If yes, then Food-Dee-Dum is the perfect food blog to check out. Food-Dee-Dum is an Indian food blog by Praerna Kartha, who is based out of Delhi, which contains all sorts of recipes and kitchen disasters that one should be aware of.

On Food-Dee-Dum, you will discover various food experiments and recipe hacks which will make cooking and baking more fun for you. This food blog was started in 2011 for people who are amateur cooks/bakers who love to cook and bake and aren’t afraid of experimenting a little.

Food-Dee-Dum is the best place to check out easy recipes and to get some food inspiration while drooling over its Instagram worthy pictures. Trust me, once you start going through the recipes on this food blog, you are never going to want to stop.

#13. Baketitude

Baketitude is yet another useful food blog that you should check out if you want to learn how to bake Indian and International desserts with the Indian ingredients. This food blog is authored by Shalini Digvijay who currently lives in Mumbai and is a crazy fan of baking. All the recipes on her food blog are detailed and include several pictures to make it for new bakers to keep up.

Apart from regular baking recipes, she also writes eggless recipes and gives reviews for various baking goods and baking equipment. This food blog is certainly a great help to anyone who is planning to take up baking and doesn’t know the first thing about it.

#14. Playful Cooking

The next food blog to check out is Playful Cooking which is authored by Kankana who loves to experiment and try new flavors when cooking or baking a dish.

Playful Cooking consists of easy and effortless recipes with fresh ingredients that are healthy and will keep you fit. You will find rarely any recipe here which contains processed food which is why the recipes on this food blog are fresh and delicious.

You will find here a wide range of recipes for beverages, cakes, muffins, snacks, salads, stews, and so on. Trust me, this is a helpful food blog for anyone who has just started cooking or baking and is looking for daily cooking lessons to hone their skills.

#15. Remya’s Baking and Cooking

Remya is another talented baker and cook whose food blog Remyas Baking and Cooking is a definite hit in the South India region. You will find numerous cakes, tarts, ice cream, and dessert recipes on her food blog with detailed steps and a video to guide you.

On this food blog, all the recipes are tried and tested by her and you will find a video tutorial for most of the recipes which makes it even easier to implement it.

Remya’s Baking and Cooking blog are certainly one of a kind food blog where you will find many easy and experimental recipes with clear and detailed pictures to help you understand the process and the outcome of baking.

Trust me, this is one food blog that you don’t want to miss out on if you have a serious sweet tooth.

#16. Edible Garden

Edible Garden is yet another paradise for the foodies out there who are always conflicted between cooking and not cooking because they are too lazy. Edible Garden was started in 2007 by Nags where you will find all the food and recipes which are quick to make yet don’t let you compromise on your health or fitness.

On Edible Garden, you will find simplistic food recipes that are quick to follow and amazing food photographs which will make you drool and inspire you to cook and bake more.

This food blog is undoubtedly one of the best food blogs in India and is a heaven for all the food lovers out there. Do you know what’s the best thing about this food blog?

You can print or pin down the recipe. Yes, you heard me right! Also, each of the recipe steps is accompanied by a clear image which makes it so much easier to follow the recipe.

#17. The Happie Friends

Sharmila Kingsly’s The Happie Friends is another inspiring food blog that every foodie and aspiring chefs should check out to learn more about cooking and baking.

On this food blog, you will find a range of recipes to hone your cooking and baking skills. In fact, apart from preparing delicious desserts, ice creams, cakes, etc., this food blog is your one-point guide for other lunch, snacks, breakfast, and so on dishes as well.

Yes, here you would find information on kitchen and baking basics and will also learn how to prepare recipes based on Indian festivals like Holi, Ramzan, etc.

This is certainly a good place to start learning more about baking and cooking and should be a top blog to visit for anyone who wants to start cooking/baking at home.

#18. Vegan Richa

Richa Hingle is another accomplished food blogger and photographer who manages the food blog named Vegan Richa. Her food blog includes a variety of recipes for cooking and baking with easy-to-follow steps and numerous photographs to help the user in following the recipes. What sets her apart from other food blogs?

It is simple, Vegan Richa shows users how they can cook and bake vegan recipes. You will find a range of baking recipes on her food blog which are completely vegan which is why this food blog is perfect for bakers who are trying to follow a vegan life but have difficulty in finding the right recipes for it.

#19. Cubes N Juliennes

Farrukh’s Cubes N Juliennes is the perfect food blog for food enthusiasts to check out who is looking for a delicious collection of recipes to try at home. Cubes N Juliennes displays a variety of cooking styles and cuisine recipes to its readers which are easy and simple to follow.

This food blog is segregated into different categories which makes it easier for the reader to navigate and its ‘How To’ section helps in learning and understanding the cooking process.

All of the recipes on this food blog are innovative and simple and are accompanied by clear and gorgeous pictures so that you can enjoy looking at the various dishes as well. If you were looking for an amazing Indian food blog to learn some Indian and International cuisines then Cubes N Juliennes is the right place for you.

#20. Kitchen of Debjani

Last, but not the least, we have Kitchen of Debjani which is a food blog started by Debjanir Rannaghar. This is a good food blog for anyone who has just started out in the kitchen and has no clue about the kitchen equipment or the simple recipes.

On this food blog, you will find a variety of food recipes to try along with ingredients and kitchen equipment reviews so that you can invest in a good quality product for your cooking and baking experience.

You will also find video tutorials here for slightly complicated recipes which will make it easy to follow and prepare the dish at home. Kitchen of Debjani is divided into several categories like Vegetarian dishes, Non-vegetarian dishes, baked goodies, Bengali food, and so on which makes it easier to navigate through the different recipes on the blog.


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