Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Will I be able to take home the products prepared in the class?"

A: Everything you bake is your to take home. Share the food, spread the love 😉

Q: "Does Truffle Nation offer Internships?"

Complete your diploma course, ace the exams and you could score not just an internship but even a job in the long run.

Q: "How will the certification courses help me?"

In a country obsessed with degrees and diplomas, with proof that you possess both the knowledge and the skill-set to bake lip-smacking cakes, cookies etc. you’re sure to attract tons of customers.

Q: "Will I be eligible for a loan with the diploma?"

Off course, Truffle Nations diploma has been recognized by not just Indian but banks abroad as well

What All is Included in the Course Fees?

With each course, you will be provided with a recipe book. The fee also includes the ingredients needed during the class, kitchen coat rental for the term of your class, and workbooks