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Wonder which pieces of baking equipment should you prepare when you want to start a bakery business? With the overwhelming number of tools available in the market nowadays, you’ll see a lot of options. So, here is a list of the must-haves that will make your every bake special!

Equipment Needed For Processing


Baking pans: This tool has different sizes and shapes, allowing you to choose one that meets your desired style or as suggested in the recipe. Some of the standard sizes we can see in the market are 9” x 5” or 8 ½” x 4 ½”. Aside from these aspects, you also need to consider the material of the baking pan. Take note that dark-colored silicone tins can absorb heat which can make the sides of the cake darker while crusts are lighter.

Mixing bowl: It is useful to have a large mixing bowl where you can mix the ingredients freely. It is made of different materials such as plastic, glass, or metal.

Rolling pin: Rolling pins have two kinds depending on which you find more convenient to use. You can use the type made of wooden material with a fixed handle at both ends or the other one called one-piece rolling pins. Having the correct width that can cover the dough is also essential to make rolling easier.

Dredger/Shaker or Sieve: it is useful for dusting the surfaces of the doughs with flour, cocoa, or icing sugar. A sieve is also recommendable to do the same function.

Food processor: it is a multifunctional tool that can also be used for other recipes. It is also very useful for making pastry.

Greaseproof Paper/Baking Parchment: also known as silicone paper, it functions as a greaseproof and moisture-proof paper for lining baking trays.

Cooling rack: this tool is crucial in allowing the air to circulate evenly on the cake and cookies after baking to avoid sogginess.

Dough hook: this perfect time-saver equipment can help you knead the dough with less effort. Good quality dough hooks have a flat paddle to mix the ingredients of your cake, too.

Wooden or metal spoon: it can be used to beat cake mixes or egg whites and to fold in flour.

Palette knife: this long and thin knife can be used smoothen cake fillings, cut butter, or scrape bowls.

Pastry brush: it is perfect for glazing your pastry with milk, melted butter, or egg wash. It can also be used to remove excess icing on the cake.

Spatula: this bendy tool is used to remove cake mixture in the bowl.

Whisk: it can be used in a variety of ways such as whipping cream and whisking egg whites. It is also essential when removing lumps from sauces. You can buy a handheld type or an electric whisk which is faster and more convenient to use. A food mixer is also a better option because it has different attachments making it useful for other recipes.

Zester/Microplane/fine grater: these three tools are used for baking recipes that need citrus zest while the latter two can also be suitable to grate nutmeg.

Tools Needed For Measuring

Measuring tools for baking

Measuring spoons and cups: both are very useful to achieve the accurate amount of ingredients in your cake.

Thermometer: the water temperature should be accurate when baking bread with yeast so you won’t kill its essential properties.

Timer: your dough needs to reach exact resting time and this equipment will help you achieve it precisely.

Ruler: this tool is used to measure the dough after you roll it and before cutting it into pieces.

Scale: this tool can either be digital or manual and is used to achieve the correct amount of the ingredients.

Tools For Designing and Finishing Touches

Decoration Tools

Serrated knife: it is used for cutting bread.

Cutters: depending on the design that you want for your cake or cookies, there are vast selections of metal cutters that will give each piece a fun decoration.

Icing smoother: this tool will help you achieve a professional finish by smoothing down your sugar paste or marzipan after you spread it evenly on the cake.

So, there you go! Having these tools on your kitchen ready all the time can help you save time and effort when baking. They are also beneficial for you to achieve delicious cake, pastries, cookies, or biscuits! Investing in these different kinds of materials is crucial when you want to produce high-quality recipes.


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